The beauty of Nijmegen and its surroundings

Every day you start and finish in Nijmegen and you walk routes of 30, 40 or 50 kilometres, each time in a different direction. You will discover the beauty of the Overbetuwe region situated between the Waal and the Rhine, hike through the Land van Maas en Waal region, ‘climb’ the famous seven hills of Groesbeek and wander through the awe-inspiring town of Cuijk, one of the oldest in our country. Each day, a different location is highlighted. Welcome to the Nijmegen region.

Day 1: The Day of Elst

This day is also called Blue Tuesday. You walk north over the bridge over the River Waal into the beautiful Overbetuwe region, between the Waal and the Rhine. And in Elst everything turns water blue!

Day 2: The Day of Wijchen 

Today is also known as Pink Wednesday. In the morning you head west through the beautiful Land van Maas en Waal region, walking through green polder landscapes and over the festively decorated market square of Wijchen. And then back to Nijmegen, where the whole town has turned pink!

Day 3: The Day of Groesbeek

Today is the ‘day of the seven hills’. You walk east along water and through woods until the famous green hills of Groesbeek loom before you. No need to be intimidated: the many thousands of spectators will cheer you on!

Day 4: The Day of Cuijk

The day of Via Gladiola. You walk south, cross the pontoon bridge over the Meuse river that was built especially for you in Cuijk, and then on your way to your glorious entrance at Via Gladiola!

More info

During the 4Days Marches, the routes are signposted by means of coloured arrows. The colour of these arrows matches the colour of the wristband. Participants walking the 50km route follow the red arrows, participants who walk the 40km distance follow the yellow arrows, military participants (starting from Camp Heumensoord) follow the green arrows for their 40km route, and participants on the 30km route follow the blue arrows.

Although the routes are generally the same each year, there are always some minor modifications for each edition, to account for a change in the traffic situation for example. As soon as more is known about the routes for the 105th 4Days Marches, we will post the updated information on this page, so be sure to check back now and again.

The routes of the 4Days Marches are never exactly 30, 40 or 50 kilometres. Various factors play a role in determining the routes. There are logistical factors like access to the roads and accessibility for security services, for example, but also aesthetic considerations like whether it is a pleasant route with sufficient variation between nature and residential areas, et cetera. The fact that the total distance to be covered may deviate slightly has already been taken into account in the daily time limit for the walk, which is long enough that every participant should be able to complete the route within the set time.

The table below shows the walking distances of the 2022 4Days Marches per day.

30km40km40km MIL50km
Day 133,239,743,352,1
Day 233,639,537,548,5
Day 330,539,340,050,2
Day 430,042,545,850,2

Countdown to the 106ᵗʰ edition of the 4Days Marches