In the third week of July, we walk the 4Days Marches together, the world’s largest walking achievement event! Over 45,000 participants with more than 70 different nationalities, from as young as 11 to over 90, come to Nijmegen every year to walk 30, 40 or 50 kilometres for four days in this city on the Waal river and its beautiful, wooded surroundings. They all gather with the same objective in mind: being awarded the coveted 4Days Marches Cross.

What is my registration number?

When you register for the 4Days Marches for the first time, you will be allocated a unique and personal registration number that is linked to your name and other data. This registration number consists of up to 6 figures. If you do not have this registration number, you can request it yourself in My Dashboard.

Make a note of this number and use it when registering or contacting us, so that we can quickly call up your personal details and participations over the years. This will help us serve you better.

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