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If you are a participant in the 4Days Marches, we will be expecting you at start location De Wedren on Sunday or Monday before the first walking day. Once your registration has been activated at the registration desk, our volunteers will give you everything you need to get started.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • You will need to present your ticket - printed or downloaded on your smartphone - when you report to the registration desk on Sunday or Monday. Your registration cannot be activated without this ticket. Please note that if you have made a change in your registration (for example your distance or registration desk) your ticket will also be changed. You need to bring the most recent version of your ticket. You can find your ticket (pdf) in My 4Days.
  • You have to bring a valid form of identification. A valid form of identification is an official card or document on which your photo and personal details are displayed, such as a driving licence, ID or passport.
  • It is not possible to authorise somebody else to register on your behalf; each participant in the 4Days Marches must register in person on Sunday or Monday.

Don't be late

It is likely that there is a lot of traffic congestion in and around Nijmegen, so please allow plenty of time for your journey to avoid arriving on De Wedren after the registration desks have closed. The registration desks are open on Sunday 16 July from 13.00-17.00 hrs CET and on Monday 17 July from 10.00-17.00 hrs CET. If you do not report at the registration desk during this time period, you will not be able to take part in the 4Days Marches.

Map of De Wedren

This map* of De Wedren shows you exactly where you can sign in. 

* This is the map of 2022

More info

Individual participants with start location De Wedren

If De Wedren is your start location, you are required to report in person on Sunday 16 July between 13.00 and 17.00 hrs CET and Monday 17 July between 10.00 and 16.00 hrs CET. In Julianapark Noord, right next to the Wedren, you will find several registration desks for the 30 and 40 kilometers. Registration desks for the 50 kilometers can be found in Julianapark Oost.

You can sign in at one of the registration desks corresponding to your distance, for example the desk with the shortest queue. The wrist band and checkpoint card are distributed here upon presentation of the ticket. To distinguish between the two starting groups/times for the 30km and 40km, the registration desks for both the 30km and the 40km are divided into two groups. The difference between these groups is made clear by the use of two symbols. The 30km and 40km are both divided in ‘Gladiolus’ and ‘Walking Shoe’. On your ticket, you can see the group you are assigned to and where you will have to sign in on Sunday or Monday.

Military participants with start location Heumensoord

Military participants with start location Heumensoord will need to report to the registration desks at Camp Heumensoord (Scheidingsweg Nijmegen). Your ticket provides initial access to the camp. Participants who cannot present the ticket will be denied access to the camp. Foreign military participants can sign in on Sunday between 13.00 hrs CET and 17.00 hrs CET or on Monday between 10.00 hrs CET and 17.00 hrs CET Dutch military participants with Heumensoord as their start location are to report on Monday between 10.00 hrs CET and 17.00 hrs CET.

Group participants and military detachments

Are you participating in the 4Days Marches in a civilian group or detachment? Then you do not have to sign in yourself. The group leader or detachment commander will do this for you. He or she ensures that he or she has a photocopy of an identity document of all group members when registering. He shows this at the registration desk, together with the ticket of the group registration.

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