Story of Teunis

Maybe you bumped into him last year and if not, you have another chance this year: reporter Teunis van der Poel participated in the 4Days Marches for the first time in 2022.


Participating in the 4Days Marches had been on his bucket list for years. ‘In 2022, it finally crossed my path,’ says Teunis van der Poel. As a reporter for Omroep Gelderland, he could experience the 'march of the marches’ first-hand and was able to report about it live. According to him, it was ‘an experience never to forget.’ He explains that it is so much fun to have a chat with everyone and to walk together for the same end goal: reaching the Via Gladiola.


Already in spring, the 4Daagse began for Teunis. ‘I started building up the training kilometres gradually even at that time,’ he says. He loved the build-up to The Walk of the World. ‘I walked all those distances with my family, friends and even the supply corps of the airmobile brigade.’ Sureley that gave him a special feeling.

One more time?

In 2022, due to extremely high temperatures, a day was cancelled from the event for the first time in history. ‘I enjoyed walking the remaining three days and was proud to receive my 4Days Marches Cross,’ says Teunis. But still it kept gnawing at him, ‘because I have not walked a four-day 4Days Marches.’ Therefore, he has decided to participate again this year. He asks the Weather Gods to be kind to the participants. ‘So that we can have a regular 4Days Marches like before!’

Countdown to the 106ᵗʰ edition of the 4Days Marches