We are making progress

Are you interested in learning more about what the 4Days Marches is doing on sustainability and would you like to get tips on what you can to help? Keep reading!

What we are already doing

Signing in at the registration desks is possible with a digital ticket since 2022. Printing is no longer necessary. This saves us some 45,000 printed papers per year. In addition, we include more and more sustainable and healthy food in the assortment at the Wedren. We also respect nature and encourage participants to use public transportation.

Circular cup

Since 2022, all drinking cups used during the 4Days Marches and the Vierdaagsefeesten can be high quality recycled into new cups. With this circular cup system, we are working to reduce plastic waste and anticipate on upcoming regulations that will ban the use of disposable plastic cups without a circular system.

You pay € 0,50 for your first cup, as a contribution to a sustainable cup system. Exchange your cup for a new one and only pay for your drink. This is possible every day at all stages and terraces of the Vierdaagsefeesten and at the Wedren.

What else do we do?

But that's not all! Check out what other sustainable steps we are taking.

GEM-stage op Heumensoord

GEM staeg at Heumensoord

The GEM Stage is a carbon-neutral stage that runs on wind and solar energy. The stage is equipped with several solar panels and a windmill with which it generates green energy. You can charge your phone at the various charging stations at the bottom of the stage.

Less plastic at Heumensoord

Everyone arriving at Camp Heumensoord receives their own water bottle that can be filled at the various water points. Camp Heumensoord also participates in the circular cup system.

Electric transport for our volunteers

Our volunteers regularly need to travel from A to B. Since 2022, they have the option of doing so by electric bicycle or scooter, and a number of electric cars have been provided by Wassink Autogroep.

Extra bicycle parking and partnership with public transportation providers

During the 4Days Marches, we encourage visitors to come to the Wedren in the most sustainable way possible. By public transport or by bicycle! We make arrangements with transportation companies NS, Arriva and Breng for special schedules during the 4Daagse week. In addition, we facilitate free bicycle parking near the Wedren for participants.

What can you do to help?

Even with the smallest changes, you can make a big impact. We've listed some practical tips for you:

1. Arrive by public transportation, bicycle or by walking

Don't have a train station in your town or village? Then bike to the nearest one. That way you can warm up your muscles. We are working together with NS, Breng and Arriva, so there will be extra trains and buses. Especially for 4Daagse participants, extra bicycle parking facilities will be provided at three locations around the Wedren.

2. Buy and recycle your drink at the bar

By treating your circular cup properly (hand it in clean at the bar) we ensure a cleaner 4Days Marches and don't waste resources. Are you still going to the parties? There too you keep the city clean by using the cup.

3. Bring a reusable water bottle

There are plenty of water taps along the way where you can fill your bottle with water for free! If you did buy a plastic bottle, don't throw it away, just return it to the supermarket and receive a deposit back.

4. Throw your waste in the garbage can

Throw your waste along the route and on the Wedren neatly in the garbage cans. This way you help the DAR, are considerate of local residents and will make nature happy.

5. Get rid of plastic bags

Wrap your lunch in a reusable package. There are also plenty of nutritious and tasty snacks offered by fans along the route. Pre-packaged snacks are fine to leave at home.

6. Respect nature and use the toilets :)

Whichever distance you walk, every 5 kilometres you will find free toilet facilities, the largest of which are marked on the route maps. Along the route signs will show you the way.
Often you can also visit residents and catering establishments, sometimes for a small fee. The app 'HogeNood ' provides an overview of public and semi-public toilets.

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