Media accreditation

Media representatives can request accreditation online prior to the 4Days Marches. Accreditation gives you access to the media centre at start- and finish location De Wedren, you will be the first to receive our press releases, and we can put you in touch with our ‘special participants’.

Media representatives can request accreditation online via this page prior to the 4Days Marches. If you have received a confirmation of receipt from us, you can pick up your press accreditation with it.

This can be done after the press conference on Thursday 7 July at 14.00hrs in the City Hall of Nijmegen or from Sunday 17 July to Friday 22 July in the Media Centre at the Wedren.

Please note: accreditations requested up to and including Tuesday, June 28 at 17.00 will be available at the press conference. All accreditations requested later must be picked up at the Media Centre on the Wedren.

Request accreditation

• Before you request accreditation for the 4Days Marches, please read the rules that apply when submitting a request.
• If you can comply with these terms, you are eligible to apply for accreditation. Click here to request accreditation for the 104th 4Days Marches.
• More information is available from the Communications Department via
• Press representatives who wish to make a report of the Vierdaagsefeesten (the festivities in the inner city of Nijmegen during the 4Days Marches) will have to request accreditation with Stichting Vierdaagsefeesten.

More info

  • The official name of the organisation is ‘Stichting DE 4DAAGSE’ (‘4Days Marches Foundation’).
  • The name of the event in English in 2022 is the ‘104th 4Days Marches'. In general the event is called the 4Days Marches or the Nijmegen 4Days Marches.
  • On social media we use the hashtags #4d22, #4daagse and #4daysmarches.

Comprehensive statistics on the 104th 4Days Marches will be published the week after the event. On the Facts & Figures page you’ll find both fun facts (in English) as well as statistics (in Dutch) on every aspect of the past editions of the 4Days Marches.

On the History page you can read all about the rich history of the 4Days Marches. This page also includes links to other interesting sites with fascinating archival material.

Since 2016, each year the Communications Department of the 4Days Marches designates a number of participants as ‘extra special’. This could be because they’re young, or old, or have walked the 4Days Marches many times before. It could also be because they have a special story or are doing something extra, something above and beyond the sporting achievement that the 4Days Marches, by definition, always is. You can download the selection of special participants here. All selected special participants will have stated that they are happy to be contacted by the media. The contact details of these special participants will be provided to accredited media representatives on request.

Media representatives can contact our communication staff via

Countdown to the 105ᵗʰ edition of the 4Days Marches