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Is your question not answered? Then you can send us an e-mail or call the Servicedesk. When contacting us, please include your registration number (if known), so that we can quickly call up your personal details and participations over the years. This will help us serve you better.

Frequently asked questions

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My 4Days is an online environment in which each participant can view or change his or her personal details. Please note: you cannot register for the 4Days Marches in My 4Days. You can register via our online registration module. This can be reached via this website during the registration period.

When you register for the 4Days Marches for the first time you will be allocated an unique and personal registration number that will be linked to your name and other data. This registration number consists of a maximum of six digits. When you do not know your registration number you can request it at My 4Days. Please state this number when you register or when you contact us. This way we can retrieve your personal details and previous participations and help you in a sufficient manner.

Do you wish to change your address, email address or telephone number? You can do this yourself in My 4Days.
Do you wish to change your name or date of birth? Please send an email to the Service Desk.

We can always be reached by email: During the registration period, the Service Desk can also be reached by telephone on weekdays between 13.00 hrs and 16.30 hrs CET.

If you have ever successfully completed the 4Days Marches, and it cannot be found in our digital database, then we should be able to find you in our archives. Our filing clerk is eager to find out what reward you received when you last successfully completed the marches, ensuring you will receive the correct reward for your next participation. You can contact the Service Desk in writing stating 'previous participation'. We will then send you a questionnaire that will enable us to find you in our archives. When you are - in your opinion, unjustly - registered for reward 1 and there is a chance that you will therefore be in a possible draw, you can contact the Service Desk for archive research. If your request has been received by us before 13 March, we can make sure that it will be under consideration in time, i.e. before the draw.

When you open My 4Days you can see a white button with the red text ‘Forgot password?. If you click this button, you can enter your registration number, date of birth and email address. If the details you enter correspond with our administration you will receive an automatically generated email with a link to reset your new password within a few minutes.

After requesting a new password in My 4Days you should receive an automatically generated email with a link to reset your new password within a few minutes. It is possible that such messages are detected as spam and therefore will be placed in your spam folder. If you are not receiving an email, we advise you to check your spam folder to see if that message is placed in there. If you cannot find the email there, please contact the Service Desk.

Please make sure you are using your most recently changed password. This password has to contain a minimum of 8 characters, of which at least 1 capital letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 numeric character and 1 special character. The password is case-sensitive, so please check if ‘Caps Lock’ on your keyboard is not activated. You could also try to log in using a different browser or device.

In My 4Days you can find the last reward awarded to you as registered by us. If this does not correspond with the last reward you received, you can contact the Service Desk in writing stating 'previous participation'. We will take your request under review, although these requests will not be answered during the week of the 4Days Marches. Requests submitted before 30 June can be processed in time for the coming 4Days Marches.

The 4Days Marches are organised mostly by volunteers. Prior to and during the 4Days Marches hundreds volunteers are doing their work. Click here for more information on becoming a volunteer.

If you would like to send us a letter, please use the following address:
PO Box 1296 6501 BG Nijmegen, the Netherlands

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