How much time do I have to finish?

You need to sign off by a certain time on each walking day. You do this by having your wristband scanned at one of the registration desks at the start- and finish location. Once you have signed off, you will receive your checkpoint card for the following day, except of course on Friday, because then you will be handed your well-deserved reward after you sign off! As soon as more is known about the sign-off procedure for the 106th 4Days Marches, we will post the updated information on this page.

Map of De Wedren

This map* of De Wedren shows you exactly where on the start-finish area you need to be.

* This is the map of 2023.

More info

Your wristband is indispensable during the 4Days Marches, as you need the barcode both at the start in the morning and at the finish in the afternoon. The scanners must be able to read the print on the wristband. If you are unsure of your wristband code's legibility or if your wristband is broken, please go to the Service Desk (open from 3.30-17.00 hrs CET) at De Wedren. After verification of your details, you will receive a new wristband.

Participants starting from Heumensoord who have problems with the wristband prior to the start, can report to one of the starting team members. They will give you a temporary replacement wristband. At the end of the day, report to the Service Desk at Heumensoord, where - after verification of you details - you will receive a new wristband.

Countdown to the 106ᵗʰ edition of the 4Days Marches