Say goodbye to sore muscles

The masseurs from the Dutch Society for Sport Massage (NGS) are ready to assist you during the 4Days Marches at the Wedren and the medical care posts along the route. Looking forward to a relaxing massage during the 4Days Marches of Nijmegen after each walking day? Then we have great news for you! The presale for massages at the Wedren (Julianapark-South) is now open! Don't wait to buy during the 4Days Marches, because once they're gone, they're gone.

Why get a massage?

Here are a few simple reasons:

  • Your muscles will be happy again
    After a long day of walking, your muscles can feel tired and tight. A massage helps your muscles to relax. This way, they quickly feel better.
  • Less muscle soreness
    A massage ensures that your blood flows better. This helps against pain and makes your muscles strong again faster.
  • You'll become more flexible
  • Massages make it easier to move. Your muscles become nicely loose and flexible.
  • Time to relax
  • A massage is not only good for your body but also for your mind. You can relax, which also helps for a good night's sleep.
  • Less chance of injuries
  • With massages, you prevent small aches from becoming big problems. This way, you can start fresh every day.

All these benefits together mean that you can walk easier and with less pain the next day. So, a massage is not only pleasant but also helps you to get through the whole 4Days Marches well!

Elastic Tape

You can also come to us to have so-called elastic (‘colored’) tape applied. The use of elastic tape during walking offers various benefits:

  • Support and stability
    This can help prevent injuries and reduce the strain on the joints during walking
  • Pain relief
    It can reduce pressure on irritated or injured areas and improve blood circulation, which can contribute to pain relief.
  • Improved posture
    The tape can be used to promote correct posture during walking.

This elastic tape is not used for taping blisters, etc.

Why choose an NGS-masseur®?

During the 4Days Marches, many masseurs work to massage the walkers. Choose good quality and go for an NGS-masseur®. You can recognize an NGS-masseur by a badge and clothing with the NGS logo. NGS masseurs can always show an NGS license. Ask for it if you're not sure.

NGS masseurs know many massage techniques and a lot about the human body, staying healthy, and caring for athletes. Whether you do sports, have stress, or just want to relax, the NGS-masseur® is there for you.

Continuous learning and development

After completing their education, they receive an NGS license. This means they keep their knowledge up-to-date by continuously learning new things. This way, you know your masseur has mastered the latest insights and techniques.

Complaints procedure

Moreover, all NGS masseurs are connected to a complaints procedure. Should you ever have an issue with your masseur, you can easily discuss this with an impartial complaints officer.

More information and purchase

Visit for more information.

Tips to start fit

Onour website, you will also find walking tips to get through the 4Days Marches fit!

Countdown to the 106ᵗʰ edition of the 4Days Marches