Say goodbye to sore muscles: book a massage!

During this year's 4Days Marches, about 125 sports masseurs from the (NGS) Dutch Society for Sports Massage will be present at the Wedren (Juliana Park) to provide you as a participant with a massage. The goal of the massage is that you recover quickly from your effort and that you will be fit again at the start the next day.

You can already buy your massage card! this way, you’re assured of a massage after your march.

A sports massage stimulates tired muscles and ensures good blood circulation, helping you recover faster. It aids in the drainage of excess fluids and waste products, making your muscles feel relaxed and supple once more, so that you will be starting every day with refreshed muscles.

How does it work?

• Go to:
• You can choose between a massage card for one day, a three days card (for massages on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) or a four days card (for all marching days).
• During the 4Days Marches you report to our ticket office in Julianapark and you will receive a number for the queue from us. During peak times (between 2 pm and 5 pm) the waiting time can unfortunately increase to about 2 hours. Keep this in mind.
• When purchasing the massage card, you can choose to have a massage between 06.00 and 9.00 hrs. You indicate this when booking. The advantage is that you only have to wait a little bit before you can enjoy your massage.
• If you do not choose a time, you can report to us between 10.00 and 18.00 hrs for a massage.

The massages are performed by masseurs of the Dutch Society for Sports Massage (NGS).

Purchasing a massage card

• This can be done in advance at
• Or on Monday 18 July at the Julianapark-Zuid on the side of Van Gentstraat from 14.00 to 17.00 hrs.
Please note: while supplies last. The online presale goes fast!

New elastic taping:

New this year is that we can provide participants of the 4Days Marches with an elastic tape. This is only done on Monday 18 July. By applying the elastic tape to the muscles or joints in a stretched position, the natural movement is not restricted. Due to the stretchability, the elastic tape easily adapts to every natural movement. This ensures that you will not experience any limitations while moving. This allows you to recover faster from injuries and pain.

You can purchase a tape card for 18 July via the website.

Why book a massage with a NGS-masseur®?

You are advised to only make use of the massages done by the Dutch Society for Sports Massage (NGS). NGS-masseurs® are recognizable by their badge and clothes with the NGS-logo. In addition, NGS masseurs® can identify themselves. If in doubt, always ask them about their NGS license. To make sure that the NGS-masseur® has obtained a diploma, keeps developing him/herself through further training and stays up-to-date with the latest trends and developments, visit an NGS-masseur® with a valid license.

The establishment of the 4Days Marches and all the relevant medical authorities advise against using medical and care services offered on public roads. We cannot guarantee that these services have been licensed by the concerned municipalities , or that they can provide the appropriate specialist care.

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