Which distance can I walk in 2024?

The 4Days Marches is a walking achievement event. What the achievement is exactly is described in our regulations. One of the most important conditions for participation is that each participant has to walk at least the applicable regulation distance for four consecutive days. The 4Days Marches has three distances: 30, 40 and 50 kilometres.

All military detachments are obliged to walk the 40km route that starts from Heumensoord. Depending on your age, you can walk this route with or without 10 kilos of marching kit.

Walking with or without marching kit

Military servicemen born in 1975-2005 are required to walk the 40 km route with 10 kilos of marching kit. For men who are either younger or older and for all women participating in a military detachment, this requirement does not apply. You can always choose to walk with a marching kit, even if this is not an obligation given your gender and age.

Age table 2024


2006-201240km without marching kit 40km with marching kit
1975-200540km with marching kit
1974 or earlier40km without marching kit40km with marching kit


2012 or earlier40km without marching kit 40km with marching kit


During each walking day, at various intervals along the route officials will make inspections where the marching kits are weighed. If the weight requirement of 10 kilos is not met, there is a risk of being disqualified.

Countdown to the 106ᵗʰ edition of the 4Days Marches