Which distance can I walk in 2024?

The 4Days Marches is a walking achievement event. What the achievement is exactly, is described in our regulations. One of the main conditions is that as a participant you must walk at least the distance you are required to walk according to the regulations on four consecutive days. There are three different distances in the 4Days Marches: 30, 40 and 50 kilometres. 

Regulation distance

The tables below show the distance(s) you can register for in 2024. The distance marked with an R is the minimum distance for which you must register and is determined on the basis of your age and gender. This minimum distance is called the regulation distance. It is not possible to walk a distance shorter than the regulation distance.

Extended distance

It is possible to register for a longer distance than your regulatory distance. The distances marked with an E are other distances for which you may register. These distances are not obligatory for your age and gender. This is why we call these distances extended distances.

Please note that you have to walk the full distance you are registered for on each of the four days. Once the 4Days Marches has begun, you can no longer change your distance.

Age table 2024


2009-201230km (R)40km (E)50km (E)
1965-200840km (R)50km (E)
1964 or earlier30km (R)40km (E)50km (E)


2009 - 201230km (R)40km (E)50km (E)
2006 - 200840km (R)50km (E)
1975 - 200550km (R)*
1965 - 197440km (R)50km (E)
1964 or earlier30km (R)40km (E)50km (E)

* For military servicemen, the regulation distance is 40km, providing they carry at least ten kilograms of marching kit.

More info

The minimum distance is called the regulation distance. It is not possible to walk a distance shorter than your regulation distance, though you can register to walk a longer distance. This distance is called the extended distance.

Parents/guardians of minors who turn 12, 13, 14 or 15 this year may accompany their child on a non-regulation distance. One companion can be added to the paid registration of the minor on My 4Days. The Regulations for Companions for Young Individual Participants (2023) explain the requirements that apply to a companion.

In certain cases people with disability, either physical or intellectual, can appeal to the dispensation regulation of the 4Days Marches in order for them to participate in a wheelchair or to walk less kilometres a day than the regulation distance that applies to them states. Read more about this on our Regulations page.

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