The Day of Groesbeek

The third walking day brings you to the ‘seven hills of Groesbeek’. You walk along waterways, through woods, over hills, through lovely green villages like Mook and Milsbeek, and past rolling vineyards. Once in Groesbeek, you merge with the spectators into one single, partying mass. And when you leave the town the infamous hills loom before you. Are you ready to defeat them? Day 3 is the ‘queen stage’ of this walking achievement event.

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The seven hills

Your day’s walk starts out easy along the waterway. After passing through the vibrant, festively adorned villages of Mook and Milsbeek, the climb to Groesbeek, also animated with the festivities, begins. You exit Groesbeek via Zevenheuvelenweg road (Seven Hills Road) where, along the verge, hundreds of caravans are parked. You could almost imagine you’re in the Tour de France! Thousands of spectators exuberantly shout out encouragements. You have no thought of giving up now. By the way, did you know that there are actually only six hills? Come on now, you’ll be over the last one before you know it.

Views over the Meuse

Starting with early morning views over the Meuse river, today is perhaps the most enchanting day of walking. In the distance you see the green ridge that awaits you. Look past the crowds around you and enjoy the natural beauty – the green hills and valleys, the tree belts, hedgerows and thickets, the rolling vineyards and woods – of the Berg en Dal region.

Back at De Wedren

Was it a Herculean task, or did you saunter over the hills with ease? Whichever it was, you can be proud of yourself back at De Wedren. You made it! Once you have signed off and got your checkpoint card for the next day, it’s time to give your feet (and calves!) a well-deserved rest. Join one of the long tables and enjoy a beer, a refreshing smoothie or other cool beverage. And be sure to look around you and take it all in. Wow, what an atmosphere!

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