Well rested for a good start

Are you looking for a good place to sleep during the week of the 4Days Marches? Thousands of walkers and supporters will be staying in and around Nijmegen. They will be lodging with host families, staying in hotels, bedding down at campsites or making use of one of the other accommodation options. That saves a lot of travelling back and forth each day. Less distance to travel to the start in the morning and in the afternoon, you’re home earlier to recover from a long day’s walk. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Where can I stay?

If you would like to stay with a host family, you can sign up at vierdaagsebed.nl, part of the Nijmegen region tourist office. Vierdaagsebed mediates between walkers and residents of Nijmegen who make room in their home during the week of the 4Days Marches to welcome and care for one or more walkers. This hospitality not uncommonly results in lifelong friendships.

If you would prefer to sleep in a hotel or at a campsite, many of these offer a special 4Days Marches package, and there are even special 4Days Marches campsites. Visit the website visitnijmegen.com to see all the accommodation options. We suggest you book early to avoid disappointment.

More info

During the 4Days Marches tens of thousands of visitors seek overnight accommodation in Nijmegen. Do you have a bed available? Visit vierdaagsebed.nl (in Dutch) to see the terms and conditions and register as a host family.

If you can’t find the info you are looking for at vierdaagsebed.nl, you can send an email to info@vierdaagsebed.nl or call them on +31 (0)88 366 0200.

When registering, individual military participants can say whether they would like to make use of the accommodation and facilities at Camp Heumensoord. Detachments are required to stay at Heumensoord. If you have any questions about accommodation and facilities at Camp Heumensoord you can send an email to 4daagse@mindef.nl.

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