Breakdown service (for walkers)

Blisters, overworked muscles and joints, heel spurs, heat exhaustion, grazes, Achilles tendon injuries: although proper training leading up to the event can prevent a lot of walking-related misery, you can still end up with a walking injury. Every year the doctors, nurses, first aiders, blister prickers and masseurs come into action to treat thousands of walkers.

Medical aid stations

If you suffer from blisters or another injury along the way, you can stop by one of our medical aid stations. Two or three of these stations are set up each day for participants of all distances and an extra station is available daily for the walkers on the 50km route. The medical aid stations are housed in existing accommodations (like sports halls) or in specially equipped tents. All participants may make use of the medical aid provided at these stations.

In addition to the medical aid stations along the route, there are also various first aid posts at the start/finish location. We organise medical aid and support in collaboration with the Red Cross, Dutch Association for Sports Massage, and the Ministry of Defence.

Where can I find the medical aid stations?

The medical aid stations are indicated on the routes for each day. They are also easy to find in the 4Days Marches app.

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