What time can I start?

Each distance has its own starting times. Participants walking the 50km route start first, followed by those walking the 40 kilometres, and finally those who have registered for the 30 kilometres. In this way, we ensure the best possible spread of participants along the route.

Digital participant registration

All participants will be given a wristband upon signing in. The wristband gets scanned at the start of each walking day. This is how we register whether you have started.

Starting times 2023

Check what time you can start in the table below.

DistanceStart individualsStart groups
or 7.30-08.00
40km MILTue-Thu: 04.30-06.00
Fri: 03.30-05.30
Tue-Thu: 04.30-06.00
Fri: 03.30-5.30

Starting procedure individual participants 30- and 40km

Two 'first start slots', two 'second start slots'

Every participant on the 30- and 40km is randomly assigned to the ‘Gladiola’ or the ‘Walking Shoe’ starting group. Both starting groups can use the first start slot for two days and the second start slot on the other two (or more) days.

On your ticket you can see which starting group you are assigned to. Two weeks after receiving registration and payment, you will find your ticket in My 4Days.

Start slots 30km in 2023

30 Gladiolus30 Walking Shoe
Tuesday and Thursday: 06.45 - 07.15 hrs (1st start slot)Tuesday and Thursday: 07.30 - 08.00 hrs (2nd start slot)
Wednesday and Friday: 07.30 - 08.00 hrs (2nd start slot)Wednesday and Friday: 06.45 - 07.15 hrs (1st start slot)

Start slots 40km in 2023

40 Gladiolus40 Walking Shoe
Tuesday and Thursday: 04.45 - 05.30 hrs (1st start slot)Tuesday and Thursday: 05.45 - 06.30 hrs (2nd start slot)
Wednesday and Friday: 05.45 - 06.30 hrs (2nd start slot)Wednesday and Friday: 04.45 - 05.30 hrs (1st start slot)

Check at the start area

When signing in on Sunday or Monday, every individual participant on the 30- and 40km will receive a wristband that contains a barcode and the symbol ‘Walking shoe’ or ‘Gladiolus’. At the start of each walking day, every participant has to have their wristband scanned. Based on the symbol on the wristband, the starting team checks whether a participant is in the right starting group.

Anyone who enters the start area for the first start slot without the permission to start first, will not be scanned and will be sent away. The starting team cannot and will not enter into a discussion with participants on this matter. From a sportsmanlike point of view, starting without having your barcode scanned is useless, since disqualification upon arrival at the finish will be inevitable.

Starting together?

It could occur that participants would like to start together, but have been assigned to different starting groups and therefore are not able to make use of the same start slots. There are two options to start together with your walking buddy.

Chosing the second start slot

You do not have to start in the first start slot on the days that you are assigned to the first start slot; starting in the first start slot is optional, not an obligation. You can always choose to start in the second start slot, together with your walking partner.

Swapping starting groups (from 20 March 10.00 hrs CET)

• In order to let us know that you wish to be assigned to a different starting group, click on the button ‘Submit request to swap’ in My 4Days and follow the instructions. Your swp=ap request is pending when you see the text 'Cancel swap request'.

You will not be assigned to a different starting group immediately - the exchange will only take place once another participant makes his or her spot available and depends on the amount of other outstanding requests.

As soon as a spot at the other starting group is available, you will automatically be assigned to this starting group in our administration. After you have swapped starting groups, your ticket will also be changed. You can find the new ticket via My 4Days.

Please note: if there are no spots available at the other starting group, the exchange cannot take place. Experience shows that there usually are more requests from participants who wish to swap from Gladiolus to Walking Shoe than the other way around. This means that there is a longer waiting time for swapping from Gladiolus to Walking Shoe than for swapping from Walking Shoe to Gladiolus.

If you want to withdraw your request, go to My 4Days and click on the button with the text ‘Cancel request to swap’.

It is possible to submit a request to change your registration desk up to and until 13 July. After 13 July, all requests will automatically expire.

Don't come to the start and finish area too early

Grant your fellow walkers the space that this starting procedure is meant to create. Participants without a card for the first start slot may not leave before 05.45 hrs (40km) or 07.30 hrs (30km), so there is no point in arriving at the start and finish area earlier.

Civilian groups, 50km and 40km Heumensoord

This starting procedure only applies to individual participants walking the 30- and 40km route and starting at the start and finish area the Wedren. All other participants shall start at the times that apply to them.

More info

The organisation is trying to spread the flow of walkers over the route in order to prevent congestion just after the start. Therefore the participants are not allowed to start all at once.

Of course, when tens of thousands participants have to start within in a timeframe of a couple hours it is not unlikely that participants will hinder each other. So, just like travelling with public transport or when in the supermarket, we would like to ask you to show some consideration for each other, and that you do not cut in line and that you wait your turn. Kindly address each other regarding inappropriate behaviour and try to arrange matters justly.

Your wristband is indispensable during the 4Days Marches, as you need the barcode both at the start in the morning and at the finish in the afternoon. The scanners must be able to read the print on the wristband. If you are unsure of your wristband code's legibility or if your wristband is broken, please go to the Service Desk (open from 3.30-17.00 hrs CET) at De Wedren. After verification of your details, you will receive a new wristband.

Participants starting from Heumensoord who have problems with the wristband prior to the start, can report to one of the starting team members. They will give you a temporary replacement wristband. At the end of the day, report to the Service Desk at Heumensoord, where - after verification of you details - you will receive a new wristband.

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