The Day of Elst

The first walking day brings you to the Betuwe region where you walk over the famous dike between Lent and Oosterhout, past green orchards and through beautiful villages. In the spirits of the two mighty rivers the Waal and the Rhine, balloons, flags, banners and partying spectators colour everything blue as you pass through Elst.

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Blue Tuesday

You set out early over the bridge over the River Waal and into the Betuwe region. On the dike between Lent and Oosterhout, you can see Nijmegen’s amazing skyline to your left. It’s Blue Tuesday in Elst, and the town is celebrating your passage through it with exuberance. From oompah bands and buskers to full bands, you are musically accompanied every step of the way through the town centre, decorated in blue, as you are cheered on by thousands of spectators spilling over the pavement cafes. Walking through Elst is truly a party.

The beauty of the Betuwe

Today you walk past green orchards, meadows, beach parks and water – a lot of water. Enjoy the scenic beauty and discover the Betuwe region. On the way, you pass through the picturesque villages of Oosterhout, Slijk-Ewijk, Valburg and Lent. And if you are doing the 50km walk, you also get to visit the south end of Arnhem. In the town of Bemmel, which has gone all Swiss for the day, all distances come together again to walk the final kilometres back to De Wedren.

Back at De Wedren

Whether you found the going easy or tough on this first day of walking, once back at De Wedren you can feel proud. You made it! Now just sign off and you will receive your checkpoint card for the following day. All done? Join one of the long tables, enjoy a beer or other beverage, sway along to the music of an oompah band and dance to live music from the stage. And be sure to look around you and take it all in. Wow, what an atmosphere!

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