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Sign in on Sunday 19 July or Monday 20 July

On your ticket it is mentioned at which registration desk you are to sign in on the days prior to the walking days. Your registration will be activated here and you will be given the documents you need to participate in the Four Days Marches.

Required documentation

  • You will need to present your ticket - printed or downloaded on your smartphone - when you report to the registration desk on Sunday or Monday. Your registration cannot be activated without this ticket. Please note that if you have made a change in your registration (for example your distance or registration desk) your ticket will also be changed. You need to bring the most recent version of your ticket. You can find your ticket (pdf) at 'My ticket' in My Four Days.
  • You have to bring a valid form of identification. A valid form of identification is an official card or document on which your photo and personal details are displayed, such as a driving licence, ID or passport.
  • It is not possible to authorise somebody else to register on your behalf; each participant in the Four Days Marches must register in person on Sunday or Monday.

Be on time

We would like to advise you to keep in mind that it is likely that there is a lot of traffic congestion in and around Nijmegen, so please allow plenty of time for your journey to avoid arriving on the Wedren after the registration desks have closed. The registration desks close at 17.00 hrs on both days. You will not be able to take part in the Four Days Marches if you do not report at the registration desk during the period indicated above.

Scanning your ticket from a smartphone

In the context of convenience and sustainability, the possibility of not having to print the ticket is an increasingly expressed wish of both the participants and the organization. This year, all particpants can sign in with a ticket on smartphone as well as with a confirmation on paper.

If you choose to have the confirmation scanned from your smartphone, be well prepared and follow the instructions below when you arrive on Sunday or Monday. This way we keep waiting times as short as possible. If you do not follow these instructions, you will be asked to leave the queue and give priority to the other participants.

  • Make sure you have the ticket ready on your smartphone when signing in. If you cannot open pdf-files on your phone, download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader via App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  • Make sure the brightness on your phone is set as high as possible.

Please note that you are not obligated to have the ticket scanned from a smartphone. If you prefer to take your printed ticket to the Wedren, that is still possible. You are free to make this choice yourself.

Individual particpants with start location the Wedren

If the Wedren is your start location, you are required to report in person at the registration desk in Julianapark Noord nearby the Wedren on either Sunday 19 July between 13.00 hrs and 17.00 hrs or on Monday 20 July between 10.00 hrs. and 17.00 hrs. Click here for more information about the signing in and signing off procedure for individual participants with start and finish area the Wedren.

Military participants with start location Heumensoord

Military participants with start location Heumensoord will need to report to the registration desks at Camp Heumensoord (Scheidingsweg Nijmegen). Your confirmation of registration provides initial access to the camp. Participants who cannot present the confirmation of registration will be denied access to the camp. Foreign military participants can sign in on Sunday between 13.00 hrs. and 17.00 hrs. or on Monday between 13.00 hrs. and 17.00 hrs. Dutch military participants with Heumensoord as their start location are to report on Monday between 10.00 hrs and 17.00 hrs.

Group participants and military contingents

Special rules apply to group participants and military contingents. The leader of the group or contingent collects all group members' documents and ensures that he has a copy of each of their IDs when registering.

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