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Please note: the 2020 Four Days Marches are cancelled.



How and where will checks take place?

Checkpoint cards – Individual participants

Every individual participant receives a checkpoint card upon registration (on Sunday and Monday) and at the end of each marching day (except Friday). This card can be checked during the day at different places along the route by officials. At the end of the marching day the checkpoint card has to be handed in at the registration desk. The card will be checked and if approved, the wristband will be scanned and you will receive a checkpoint card for the next day.

Groups and detachments

The group leader is responsible for ensuring that the correct barcode carrier is attached to each group member at the start on Tuesday. It is possible that during the day, officials will make unannounced inspections at various intervals along the route. The group has to be complete at all of these inspections. It should be noted that group participants should be able to prove their identity when they are requested to do so. For more information, read the Regulations for civilian groups.


A check can take place a few times a day. The checkpoints on the route will be announced by 'beachflags'. Four Days Marches officials will walk around clearly recognizable at the checkpoints and will inspect the checkpoint cards of the participants. Please note: checkpoint cards will only be inspected on the road. Do not deviate from the route by walking on adjacent cycle paths or footpaths, otherwise you risk missing a checkpoint.

Start and finish by means of scanning the wristband

Participants of the Four Days Marches (including the group participants) will receive a wristband with a barcode on the day of registration, which will be used for the start- and finish registration at the registration desk each day.

At the start and finish, the barcode on your wristband will be scanned. When reporting to the Wedren or Heumensoord at the end of each day's march, your bar code will be scanned for the last time that day at the registration desk. In order to finish in accordance with the rules, you need to have the barcode scanned in the morning and you must have received a 'perforation' in the checkpoint card. Provided you have done so, the finishing scan will be performed at the end of the marching day. If you do not have this finishing scan performed, you will be considered to have withdrawn and you will not be able to start the next day. The system will then no longer recognize your bar code.

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