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Please note: the 2020 Four Days Marches are cancelled.



Events along the route

The route of the Four Days Marches will take you through several municipalities in the Nijmegen district. The surrounding local governments spend time and energy in offering walkers festive and musical support while passing through their town. For an overview of the estimated times of arrival in each muncipalty, click here (pdf, Dutch version).

Nijmegen - a week of fun for everyone!

Since 1969 the festivities in Nijmegen's city centre have coincided with the walking programme. The Four Days Festivities (Vierdaagsefeesten) have now become one of the biggest events in Europe. Every year, walkers and visitors can enjoy the free music programme. On the webpage of the Four Days Festivities you can find more information about the program.

Welcome by the Overbetuwe local authority

This dynamic government is situated between the Rhine and the Waal. On the first day in Elst participants will be hospitably welcomed by the mayor. Lots of music, cheering people and crowded outdoor cafes - synonymous with hospitality in the Betuwe - allow the walkers to happily continue their first walking day towards the Via Gladiola. For information on the accessibility of Elst, Valburg, Slijk-Ewijk and Oosterhout we would like to refer you the website of the municipality. 

Wednesday ‘Day of Wijchen'

Wednesday is traditionally the day of Wijchen and its surrounding area. The district council of Wijchen will receive the thousands of walkers with a full programme; music in Alverna, Balgoij, Niftrik, Wijchen and Woezik. Every town has its own hospitable manner but shares equal enthusiasm. Merry sounds will make this second walking day in the municipality of Wijchen a truly fun event. Spectators along the route will enthusiastically cheer on the walkers. The days prior the event is also a musical highlight for Wijchen. For a complete overview of the Four Days Feast in Wijchen please check www.wijchen.nl.

On the second day of the Four Days Marches the walkers will pass through Beuningen and Weurt. The Council of Beuningen and its inhabitants have organised several activities to cheer on the walkers extra loud. A musical road show will receive the walkers when they enter the municipality. The parking lot of the Thorbeckeplein will be transformed into a lovely outdoor cafe with several children's attractions, including a bouncing castle. The excited crowd, musicians, bands and even a ‘dweilorkest', a typical Dutch band, will contribute to the pleasant atmosphere from Beuningen to Weurt. The mayor will start extra early to be able to personally welcome the many walkers to his town, from the reception tent at the Thorbeckeplein. See you in Beuningen and Weurt!

The Four Days Marches in Ottersum and Milsbeek

On Thursday the route of the Four Days Marches will take the participants through two centres of the municipality of Gennep. The 40 and 50 km walkers will pass the village of Milsbeek and the 50 km walkers will also pass through Ottersum. During the passage of the centres there are various music stages along the route. The city council encourages the walkers from the Langstraat in Milsbeek and will give them a souvenir of the municipality. For more information please check www.gennep.nl.

Thursday ‘Day of Groesbeek'

On Thursday it is all about Groesbeek and its Zevenheuvelenweg, which makes the third day a route fit for a king. When the walkers pass through the village in the hills they will be accompanied by music and in the town centre they will receive a colourful greeting by forty different international flags. Check www.bergendal.nl.

The Four Days Marches in Mook

The crowds with Four Days Marches walkers will travel through the rural district of Mook and Middelaar on Thursday as well as Friday. On Wednesday evening the festivities will commence with a grand fireworks spectacle at the Cuijksesteeg in Middelaar and music at the Maaskade. On Thursday and Friday there are to be numerous festivities such as testing to close the pontoon bridge on Thursday evening and a festive evening by the midsummer night association.

On Friday, the walk from Cuijk over the pontoon bridge across the Maas is particularly special. On that day, the mayor will receive his fellow governors from the district in a VIP tent on the Raadhuisplein. Together they will cheer on the walkers. For the routes on both days and the festivities please see www.mookenmiddelaar.nl.

VierdaagseFeest Cuijk

The BCP Bouw VierdaagseFeest Cuijk will begin on Saturday. With the Four Days Marches in mind the organising committee has made Cuijk and the Maaskade into one giant open air stage. There will be celebrations for seven days and all performances and events are free of charge. You are cordially invited. Join us in Cuijk and experience that typical Brabants-Cuijkse atmosphere during the VierdaagseFeest Cuijk! On Friday the 40 and 50 km walkers of the Four Days Marches will pass Cuijk. For the entire programme see www.vierdaagsefeestcuijk.nl.

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