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The history of the Four Days Marches

The first Four Days Marches took place in 1909. Participants could start from 15 different places in the Netherlands. They had to walk 140km in four days, 35km per day. The marches were organised by the Nederlandse Bond voor Lichamelijke Opvoeding (NBvLO) [Dutch League for Physical Education], which was founded in 1908. Of the 306 male participants, ten were civilians.

International Four Days Marches Nijmegen have grown into the largest multi-day walking event in the world. More than 42,000 participants walk for four days in Nijmegen and its surroundings, where they, depending on their age and sex, walk a total of 120, 160 or 200 kilometers towards the Via Gladiola and towards the - now royally approved - Four Days Marches Cross.

Interesting websites with archive data

The Regionaal Archief Nijmegen (Regional Archive Nijmegen) has quite a collection on the Four Days Marches. To make the collection available for everyone, the Regionaal Archief Nijmegen has created a digital encyclopedia at Huis van de Nijmeegse Geschiedenis. This website with information about the history of Nijmegen also offers the possibility to anyone of adding their own articles or personal stories. You can help to create this digital encyclopedia on the greatest more days walking achievement event of the world.

For film footage of the Four Days Marches we would like to refer you to the website of the Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision). This is a cultural-historical organization that collects and maintains audiovisual data that is of certain importance for the Dutch historic and cultural heritage, making it accessible for as many users as possible.

Foundation Novio Magus also has a page with interesting information about the history of the Four Days Marches in Nijmegen.

Visit our YouTube channel for more (historical) Four Days Marches-videos: www.youtube.com/VierdaagseNijmegenInBeeld.


On this website you can find a number of documents of recent years to view or to download. Think of documents with a description of the history of the Four Days Marches, press releases and statistics.

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