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The same app, but with an even better experience for participants.
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Download the updated 4Daagse app in the App Store and Play Store. In the app you will find all the important information together. Follow your walking friends with LiveTracking, stay up to date with the latest news and take unique selfies! The app can be used by both participants and followers.

The 4Daagse app is primarily used for LiveTracking of participants by family, friends and fans during the 4Days Marches. Participants can monitor their own walking time, read updates on news and current weather forecasts, take selfies and view all toilet, water, and medical aid stations.

What’s new?

After a successful collaboration during the previous edition, Sportunity will remain responsible for the official 4Daagse app for the next three editions. During the 104th edition last year, we learned how to further improve the app. This year we are introducing a number of new functionalities.

Although some of these features are on the back end of the app, you'll notice an immediate difference on the revamped LiveTracking page. Participants will see a start button on the right side prior to walking. This will allow them to start LiveTracking and share their location on the route with followers.


After you click the start button while walking, you will see the screen on the right. You will immediately see how long you have been walking, how many kilometers you have walked. You will also see a finish button, GPS icon and pause button.

  • Finish button: Did you cross the finish line and get your finish scan? Then you can also stop LiveTracking in the app by clicking this button.
  • GPS icon: This indicates whether your GPS is active and thus whether you are sharing your location with your followers. If the status is green, everything is set up correctly and GPS is active. If the status is red, your location is not shared.
  • Pause button: Taking a break or want to stop sharing your location for a while? Then pause your LiveTracking. Are you getting back on the route? Then you can restart your LiveTracking in the app using the same button.

Did you use the app last year? Then you can log in with the same account.

What's next on the itinerary?

We can not launch everything at once. There are still a number of features scheduled to be available soon:

  • A new page where you can see who is following you;
  • Option to delete followers;
  • The routes of all days grouped by day in the app;
  • Overview of where water points, restrooms and medical care stations are located on the route.


For the 4Daagse participants, recognizability and continuity are very important. This is where the app plays a significant role. By starting a long-term partnership with each other, we keep responding to the needs of the participant. That way we continue to optimize the app every year.

We have taken the usability of the app to the next level. In doing so, we have re-emphasized the recognizability of the 4Daagse app with our new functionalities. As a dedicated partner we are committed to a successful 4Days Marches using the app!

Berjoehie Toma (Product Manager TRACX, at Sportunity)

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