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No Four Days Marches in 2021

It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that the Four Days Marches will not be going ahead this year. The COVID-19 pandemic and the additional measures make it impossible for us to organise the 2021 Four Days Marches in a form that anyone should be able to expect.




As with many other sporting events, the Four Day Marches also has a reward system. Everyone who completes the marches in accordance with the regulations will be eligible for a reward. Anyone who is participating for the first time will receive a Four Days Marches Cross. Either a number or another type of Four Days Marches Cross is awarded for each subsequent successful participation. Participants can also order a Four Days Marches certificate.

Did you know that the Four Days Marches Cross is an officially recognised Dutch honour? Further information about the different rewards is available here.

Succesful participation

By 'successful participation' we mean a participation at a regulation distance, for which as a result the participant has received a Four Days Marches Cross or a number. A previous participation as an accompanying walker or at a diploma distance does not count as an official participation. That of course does not mean that it was not a great achievement that was delivered. If desired, the accompanying walker can reorder an orderly medal himself via praefero-store.nl.

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