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No Four Days Marches in 2021

It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that the Four Days Marches will not be going ahead this year. The COVID-19 pandemic and the additional measures make it impossible for us to organise the 2021 Four Days Marches in a form that anyone should be able to expect.



Facts and figures

Statistics provide insight into all kinds of figures concerning the participants of the Four Days Marches. How many participants have started, what is the division between male and female participants, where do the walkers come from, what is the division of medals that have been given, et cetera.

Take a look at the statistics for the 103rd Four Days Marches

Barometer 2019

During the Four Days Marches the Barometer can be found here. It shows the number of walkers that have dropped out or have finished every day.

Number of registrations as of 1-7 47,236 
Not signed in  2,534
Signed in  44,702
Non-starters/dropped out 1st day  661
Finished 1st day  44,041
Non-starters/dropped out 2nd day  1,350
Finished 2nd day  42,691
Non-starters/dropped out 3rd day  1,111
Finished 3rd day  41,580
Non-starters/dropped out 4th day  345
Finished Four Days Marches  41,235

More statistics

• Read our press release 'Facts and figures for the 103rd Four Days Marches'.
• Statistics of previous years can be found under 'Archive Downloads' on our page Downloads - Archive.

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