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Please note: the 2020 Four Days Marches are cancelled.



A massage is good for your muscles

During the 104th Four days Marches, the masseurs of the Dutch Association for Sport Massage (Nederlands Genootschap voor Sportmassage or NGS) will be present at start and finish area the Wedren and at the medical support points along the route. 

Please check this webpage from June onwards for more details about the NGS sports support and massage posts at the Wedren. For more information, visit www.voorbereidingvierdaagse.nl or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Medical support posts

Massages by sport masseurs of the NGS at the medical support posts along the route will only be given on strictly medical grounds, following assessment by or on behalf of the director of the medical service, if so required.

As a massage, taping or bandage during the Four Days Marches may consist of substantial treatment, the treated participant will be given a detailed card with the reason why the participant was treated and the sport masseur's name. In this way, the process can be closely monitored at the next posts.


We advise all participants to only make use of the NGS sport massage services. The NGS sport masseurs can be recognised by their badges with logo and can identify themselves with their license. If in doubt: ask for their license.

Stichting DE 4DAAGSE and the medical authorities involved strongly advise against using the medical care services offered on the public road. We cannot guarantee that these services have been licensed by the municipalities involved or that they can provide the correct specialist care.

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