From start to finish: here's what to expect

Are you going to participate in the 4Days Marches for the first time? Preparing for the 4Days Marches is a lot of fun, but there is also a lot of information to process. With the information on this page, you are already prepared for what awaits you during the 4Days Marches. Please continue reading!

Here are some helpful terms:

DebutantSomeone participating in the 4Days Marches for the first time.
Reward 1Anyone who completes the 4Days Marches according to the regulations is eligible for a reward (the coveted 4Days Marches cross). As a debutant you aim for reward 1.
Registration deskStands where you sign up on the registration days and finish on the walking days.
WedrenThe start and finish area of the 4Days Marches. This is where you sign in on Sunday or Monday, gather to start and sign out each walking day after the finish.
Starting groupEach individual participant on the 30km and 40km will be randomly assigned to either start group Gladiolus or start group Walking Shoe. Your ticket will show which start group you are assigned to.
Start scanYour wristband will be scanned at the start of each walk day at the start gates. With this we register that you have officially started.
Checkpoint cardCard to be clipped along the way by 4Days Marches controllers.
Finish scanYour wristband will be scanned at the finish line of each walk day at the registration desks. With this we register that you have officially finished.
Via GladiolaThe most famous street in Nijmegen! Known throughout the year as the St. Annastraat, except during the 4Days Marches. On the Friday you walk the last kilometers, encouraged by thousands of spectators, on your way to the Wedren.

De Wedren

De Wedren is the epicenter during the 4Days Marches. What does that terrain look like and how do you get there? The start and finish area of the 4Daagse is located at De Wedren parking lot. The address is: Wedren, Waldeck Pyrmontsingel 40, 6524 BB Nijmegen. On the map you can see that the terrain is divided into four areas: the Wedren, Omroep Gelderlandplein, Julianapark Noord and Julianapark Oost.

WedrenCatering and entertainment
Omroep GelderlandpleinCatering en entertainment
Julianapark NoordRegistration desks 30km en 40km
Julianapark OostRegistration desks 50km

The week in a nutshell


On one of the signing-in days (Sunday 16 July or Monday 17 July ) you sign in. On your ticket it says which distance you are walking. If you walk 30km or 40km, there is also a symbol on your ticket: the walking shoe or the gladiolus. Sign in at the registration desk with correct distance and symbol.

  • Bring your ticket (digital) and have it scanned
  • Show a valid form of identification.
  • Sign in personally at the registration desk; it is not possible to authorize someone to realize your registration.

Upon registration, you will receive your wristband and checkpoint card for day 1.

Detailed information about signing-in can be found on this page.


Every walking day we will scan your wristband at the start: you have officially started. The starting times below are indicative and not yet final. In June you will find the starting times for 2024 on our website

Detailed information about starting can be found on this page.

DistanceStart individualsStart groups
or 7.30-08.00
40km MILtue-thu: 04.30-06.00
fri: 03.30-05.30
tue-thu 04.30-06.00
fri: 03.30-5.30

Checkpoints on the route

Along the route you will pass a number of checkpoints. There we will clip your control card.

At the end of your walking day you will hand in your checkpoint card at the registration desk. There the burealists will check if you have passed all the checkpoints.


Sign off at the registration desks immediately after the finish each walking day. There, we will scan your wristband, and you will receive the control card for the next walking day (except on Friday).

Please note that you have not finished until your wristband is scanned.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, you must do this before 17.00 hrs CET. On Friday you have an hour longer. Then you must be finished and thus be scanned before 18.00 hrs CET in order to receive the 4Days Marches Medal Cross.

Via Gladiola

On Friday it's time for the festive entry on the Via Gladiola, you almost made it! After this symbolic finish you will walk a few more meters to the real finish on De Wedren.

Awarding the 4Days Marches Medal Cross

Make sure you get your finish scan on Friday before 18.00 hrs CET at the appropriate registration desk. There you will finally receive your well-deserved reward. Congratulations!

Will we see you next year?

Aftermovie 2023

Want to get into the mood for the 4Days Marches? Then watch our aftermovie of the 105th edition.

See you in July on De Wedren!

Aftermovie 105th 4Days Marches

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