Facts & figures 106th 4Days Marches

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This year, 47,000 walkers have registered, providing a wealth of facts and figures! Many of them also have remarkable stories. In addition to the walkers, there are various activities during the 4Daagse week that are definitely worth visiting. All necessary documents can be found in this news report.

Facts & figures

On our website you will find all the answers to questions such as: how many nationalities participate in the 4Daagse? What is the ratio between military personnel and civilians? And how many walkers are participating for the first time? This information is all available in the Facts and Figures document.

In the Spotlight

This year as well a number of participants have been designated as 'remarkable'. This could be due to their young age, old age, frequent participation in the 4Days Marches, having a remarkable story to tell, or achieving an extraordinary accomplishment alongside the already impressive feat of completing the 4Days Marches. We have compiled these stories into a brochure.

On Friday, on the Via Gladiola, these participants will carry a recognition flag with a number corresponding to their entry in this brochure. If you wish to get in touch with one of these special participants, please send an email to communicatie@4daagse.nl.

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