Facts and figures and additional information 4Days Marches week

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More than 40,000 walkers generate a lot of data. Also this year there are many special walkers participating. Did you know that there are also several activities around the 4Days Marches week that are interesting to visit? In this news item you will find all useful information.

Facts and figures

How many nationalities are participating? What is the ratio of military to civilians? And how many walkers walk as debutants? All answers can be found in the Facts and Figures document on our website.

Special participants

Also this year the Communications Department of the 4Days Marches designated a number of participants as ‘extra special’. This could be because they’re young, or old, or have walked the 4Days Marches many times before. It could also be because they have a special story or are doing something extra, something above and beyond the sporting achievement that the 4Days Marches, by definition, always is. You can download the selection of special participants here. All selected special participants will have stated that they are happy to be contacted by the media. The contact details of these special participants will be provided to accredited media representatives on request.

Activities around the 104th 4Days Marches

In this overview you will find a number of activities during the 4Days Marches week that are also interesting to visit.

Request media accreditation

If you have not yet requested accreditation, you can do so here.

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