4Days Marches sold out in record time

All 47.000 tickets allocated
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On Monday 4 March at 10:00 hrs CET, the second registration period for the 2024 4Days Marches started. Within an unprecedentedly short period, all remaining 7708 tickets for the 106th edition were sold, resulting in a new record for the event.

New Record

In 2023, the final 14,000 tickets were allocated within 1.5 days. This year, it took less than an hour, with a peak of 21,000 potential participants waiting in the queue.

March leader Henny Sackers responds to the overwhelming popularity: "We are very proud of a loyal group of fans who have enthusiastically signed up to walk the 4Days Marches in 2024. The success of 2023 undoubtedly contributed to the growing popularity of our event. With all available tickets sold out this year, we hope for another unforgettable experience for all participants and spectators."

Transfer ticket

For those who were unable to secure a ticket, there is still hope. Now that the 4Days Marches is officially sold out, ticket transfer is made possible. This is possible from Monday 11 March 10:00 hrs CET, until Friday 31 May 17:00 hrs CET, through the official 4Days Marches website. This provides an opportunity for those who did not manage to obtain a ticket during the official registration period.

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