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New European privacy legislation: the General Data Protection Regulation

For the organisers of the Four Days Marches, processing personal data is unavoidable. If we did not process personal data, we would not be able to register the Four Days Marches participants or make sure they all receive the reward they have earned at the end of the week. We have always treated participants’ personal data with the utmost care and have only used this data where necessary, and we will continue to treat personal data in this way in the future. We will not ask for any more data than is required for the provision of our services.

What do we use personal data for?

The data provided to us by participants is used for registration purposes and associated correspondence. During the Four Days Marches, this data (coded in the form of a registration number) is used to collect and process information relating to participants’ start and finish times, so that it is clear whether or not a participant has finished at the end of each day and is entitled to a medal at the end of the week. In subsequent years, your email address is used once only to inform you when registration will be opening for that year's Four Days Marches.

Is personal data shared?

Yes, personal data is shared. In some cases, this data is not actively shared - for example, in the case of ICT or software companies that are needed for operational activities. We do not actively share data with these companies, but they do have access to it.
In some circumstances, of course, data is indeed actively shared:
If a participant orders items from LOWA during registration, the order details and the participant's name and address details will also be shared in order to send the items.
If a participant orders a certificate during registration, the participant's name and address details and walking number will be shared with the printer so that he or she can produce and send a personalised certificate.
If a participant is a member of the Dutch Walking Association (KWBN), the participant's KWBN number and the distance will be shared so that the discount can be applied and information about the KWBN rest stop can be shared.
If a participant wishes to register for the Four Days Marches Sponsored Walk, the registration number will be used during registration for the Sponsored Walk to check whether the participant has an active registration for the Four Days Marches. No personal data will be shared.
At the request of the Dutch Ministry of Defence, military participants must provide additional data during the registration process. This data is required so that military participants can access and reside at Camp Heumensoord.
We have concluded a processor agreement with these companies and organisations stating what data will be shared and for what purposes, and when the data must be destroyed. The main principle is that we will never share more data than is necessary for the task at hand to be carried out.

A number of participants have been designated by us as special participants, for example, the oldest or youngest participants, particular groups or nationalities, or other groups or individuals who may be of interest to the press. These participants will be contacted directly to seek their permission to share their data with the press if requested. The specific data involved will be specified in the agreement.

For how long is personal data retained?

We retain the personal data and the associated participation data of every participant who has ever registered to take part in the Four Days Marches. This enables us to maintain proper records, which is required when awarding a royally-approved decoration, as well as to produce statistical data.
Only personal data from the current year may be shared. Personal data from past years will not be shared with anyone.

Should you fall ill or require medical assistance during the Four Days Marches, an employee of the Four Days Marches' medical services (including the Dutch Red Cross) may need or wish to record your personal data in order to treat you. Legally, medical data must be retained for 15 years. This data is retained by the Dutch Red Cross.

Four Days Marches privacy regulations

New privacy regulations also took effect on 25 May 2018. These regulations have been adapted to bring them in line with current legislation. The new privacy regulations are available HERE.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please send an email to [email protected].

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