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No Four Days Marches in 2021

It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that the Four Days Marches will not be going ahead this year. The COVID-19 pandemic and the additional measures make it impossible for us to organise the 2021 Four Days Marches in a form that anyone should be able to expect.



Food and beverages


It is impossible to give a general guideline on how much fluid participants should drink during the marches, so it is important to listen to your body! While you should not wait until you are thirsty, there is no need to drink all day long either. Do not avoid drinking just to avoid having to use the toilet during the walk. That would be a bad strategy, which you could really suffer for later, especially on a hot day.

Drink water, tea or sports drinks regularly. Carbonated (soft) drinks are less suitable. We advise against the consumption of alcohol as the combination of alcohol and physical exertion poses a health risk. We also strongly advise against the use of stimulants and/or tranquillisers.

Water points

On every walking day there will be a water point along the route. All participants are able to get free water at the water points. Drinking water is also available at the Medical Service Areas. All water points are marked on the route maps. It is your own responsibility to carry sufficient water with you.

No cups or bottles will be handed out at the water points; you will need to bring your own container to (re)fill!


Eat enough to ensure you have sufficient ‘fuel’. Don't wait to eat until you get hungry. During the walk, a snack that is high in carbs will, temporarily, boost your energy levels.

The Four Days Marches organisation does not offer catering along the route. We advise all participants to bring enough food to consume during the day or to make use of the many commercial and private stands that you will find along the route. Are you a member of the Dutch walking association KWBN? Then you can also use the KWBN resting stations for food, beverages and a free snack. At start and finish area the Wedren you can go to the Albron stands for various foods and drinks.

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