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Become a sponsor?

The Four Days Marches is a unique event. Not only because of the enormous popularity with the walkers and the public, or because almost the entire organisation is carried out by volunteers. But also because the Four Days Marches is one of the few big events that is not dependent on sponsors. This makes the organisation less vulnerable and the continuation of the event does not depend on one sponsor more or less.

Then why are there sponsors?

For a few reasons the Four Days Marches is actively trying to commit sponsors to support the event. First of all, we would like to keep the registration fee relatively low. The registration fee may - according to us - not be a reason not to participate in the Four Days Marches. But next to that, especially because of the support of our sponsors, we can offer our walkers extra services, such as facilities at the start/finish location, the medical treatment and the sanitary services along the routes.

Which sponsors?

For these reasons we mostly have sponsors that add something extra to our 'product' the Four Days Marches. The sponsors mostly have a clear link with our event and we see them more as partners than as advertisers that buy space to promote their products and services. Examples are, among others, Lowa as a producer of walking shoes, Albron as a caterer, but also health products from a.o. ICE Power and Bauerfeind. Overview sponsors.


In general our agreements with these organisations are made for several years. But sometimes there are changes that leave space for new sponsors. For every (new) sponsor we make a special package, with several basic conditions. If you are interested in discussing the match between your company/product and our event, please contact Mark Prinsen ([email protected]) who coordinates the sponsoring of the Four Days Marches.

In addition to the sponsors there are selective opportunities for commercial activities via advertisements, participation in a goodie bag or the promo parade prior to the entry on Friday.
For inquiries please send an e-mail to [email protected].

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