4Days Marches pleased to announce Bergman Clinics as official health partner

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Bergman Clinics, the network of specialized clinics for scheduled medical care, joins the official partners of the 4Days Marches as of 2024. As a leading provider of orthopedic care in Europe, Bergman Clinics is committed to prevention and promoting a vital and healthy lifestyle.

"With the increasing healthcare demand in the Netherlands, we see ourselves playing a significant role and consider it our responsibility to actively contribute to promoting a healthier Netherlands. For this reason, in addition to providing top-quality care, we focus on prevention and support initiatives that contribute to vitality and health," said Emile van Oorschot, CEO of Bergman Clinics. The collaboration with the 4Days Marches, known as one of the world's largest walking events, is a significant step for Bergman Clinics to fulfill this role.

"The 4Days Marches welcomes Bergman Clinics as a partner and is convinced that this collaboration will benefit both the participants and the broader public," confirms Henny Sackers, Chairman of the Board of Stichting DE 4DAAGSE.

About Bergman Clinics

Bergman Clinics, active for more than 35 years, is a leading European chain of specialized clinics. With over 75 locations in the Netherlands, including the brand names Bergman Clinics, Bey Clinics, and Memira, the organization focuses on providing high-quality scheduled medical care. By concentrating on common treatments, Bergman Clinics has built significant knowledge and expertise, placing it among the Top 10 most referred healthcare providers in the Netherlands in the fields of Movement, Eyes, Skin & Vessels, ENT, Women's Health, Gastrointestinal, and Aesthetic treatments.

For more information about Bergman Clinics and their involvement with the 4Days, please contact the Marketing Communication department of Bergman Clinics at marcom@bergmanclinics.nl.

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