4Days Marches changes starting procedure

Starting groups 40km and 30km cancelled
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Stichting DE 4DAAGSE has announced some changes to the starting procedure for the 106th edition of the 4Days Marches. These changes are the result of thorough research and extensive calculations, with the primary focus on the walking experience, comfort, and especially the safety of all participants.

Transfer ticket

This year Stichting DE 4DAAGSE introduced the possibility to transfer a ticket. Over 2,300 people gratefully took advantage of this option; they returned their tickets, which were then quickly purchased by interested parties. Now that this period has ended, there is a clear understanding of the total number of registrations per distance.

New starting times

In recent editions, the number of participants for the 50km has been approaching the numbers for the 30km, while registrations for the 40km have slightly decreased. March leader Henny Sackers: "These numbers, which indicate an increasing popularity for the 50km, prompted a reconsideration of the starting times. An expert working group conducted extensive research into the possibilities and subsequently provided a recommendation, which we as the board have approved."

As a result, this year there will be three starting times:
- 50 km: 04:00 – 04:50
(50 minutes)
- 40 km: 05:00 – 06:50
(1 hour and 50 minutes)
- 30 km: 07:00 – 08:00
(1 hour)

No more starting groups

Due to the shift in the number of registrations per distance, it is no longer necessary to maintain the traditional starting groups for the 40km and 30km, formerly known as 'Wandelschoen' and 'Gladiool.' These groups will therefore be discontinued, allowing participants to always start at the same time as their walking companions. It is no longer necessary to exchange starting times among participants, which previously often caused unrest. Additionally, this change allows 40km and 30km participants to check in and out at any checkpoint.

Walking Comfort and Safety

Stichting DE 4DAAGSE is doing everything possible to optimise safety and walking comfort. With the aforementioned starting times, each participant has enough time to finish before the 17:00 hrs CET deadline, with an extra hour until 18:00 hrs CET on Friday. The number of participants allowed on the course per minute can be adjusted at the start to regulate congestion. Points along the route where potential stagnation might occur will be continuously monitored.

Stichting DE 4DAAGSE particularly advises 40km participants to be mindful of potential congestion at the 5:00 hrs CET start. For a quieter start, it is recommended to arrive at the start/finish area around 6:00 hrs CET. Another tip is to use the starting gates at the Vierdaagseplein, which are often less crowded than those at the Wedren itself.

Sackers: "It is important that we meet the obligation to organise a safe, but also enjoyable event. The research shows that with these adjustments, we can meet the safety requirements. Of course, this will be evaluated in the fall, and we hope to look back on a successful start and a well-conducted edition."

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