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Every day by car to the start of the Marches?

During the Four Days Marches thousands of people visit the city of Nijmegen to cheer on family or friends, or to witness this great walking event and to enjoy the amazing atmosphere when over 42,000 walkers from all over the world walk through the city of Nijmegen and its surroundings for four consecutive days.

Since this event is so well-visited, it has consequences for the city's hospitality, its availability and its public transport. Walkers and visitors are advised to make use of public transport or bicycle.

Please note: the Waal bridge is being renovated. During the Four Days Marches, the traffic situation on the bridge is different than in previous years. Read more...
Also, maintenance is taking place on the A325 / Pleijroute (N325). Read more...


Those travelling to Nijmegen by car can use the parking facilities on the outskirts of the city. P+R (Park and Ride) areas have been set up alongside the Keizer Augustusplein (Nijmegen-Noord) and on Neerbosscheweg. P+R area Noord will be signposted from the A325 (Arnhem-Nijmegen). P+R area Neerbosscheweg will be signposted from the A73, and the A326 from the (north-)west.

Parking voucher

Walkers can purchase a special parking ticket for the Park & Ride areas Noord and Neerbosscheweg. The 'Vierdaagse parkeerkaart' is valid for 4, 5 or 6 consecutive days and costs € 7.50 per day per car (including bus transfer for up to 4 people). From 16 May onwards, participants can request a parking voucher via the website of the municipality of Nijmegen (Dutch only). 

Shuttle buses

Shuttle buses will travel between the Nijmegen city center and the P+R area alongside the A325 (Nijmegen-Noord) every 15 minutes. This shuttle service will run on Saturday 13 July from 18.00-03.00 hrs and on Sunday 14 July from 10.00-03.00 hrs. From Monday 15 July 08.00 hrs until Saturday 20 July 03.00 hrs, the shuttle buses will be driving 24/7. The buses stop on the Berg en Dalseweg on the Poelmann van den Broek-side.
Buses will run between the city center and the P+R Neerbosscheweg every 15 minutes. These buses will stop on the Nassausingel nearby Stadsschouwburg (Nijmegen's theatre). The bus schedule is similar to that of the P+R Nijmegen-Noord.

Roadblocks per day

Roadblocks Tuesday 16 July (pdf)
Roadblocks Wednesday 17 July (pdf)
Roadblocks Thursday 18 July (pdf)
Roadblocks Friday 19 July (pdf)

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