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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find an overview of frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered, please contact us.

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When will the 102nd Four Days Marches take place in 2018?

The Four Days Marches always start on the third Tuesday of July. The 102nd Four Days Marches will take place from 17-20 July 2018.

When can I register for the 102nd Four Days Marches?

Want to take part in the 102nd Four Days Marches?
The registration period for the 102nd Four Days Marches (17-20 July 2017) starts on Monday 5 February and ends Friday 23 March (24.00 hrs). All information regarding registration can be found on the page Registration.

How do I register for the 102nd Four Days Marches?

Have you informed yourself about our regulations and registration procedure? Then you can register by using our registration module, which will be available via this website during the registration period. Click the blue button that says ‘Start your registration here’ to enter the registration module. We advise everyone to register and pay online. If you are unwilling or unable to register online, you can request a paper registration form. Please contact the Central Administration.

Is it necessary to register as early as possible?

No, the exact moment of registering does not matter, provided one registers within the time limits of the registration period.

When will a draw take place?

47,000 starting tickets will be available in 2018. If the limit of 47,000 registrations is exceeded during the second registration period, the available starting tickets will be assigned by a draw. The draw will then take place on Friday 30 March.

Who will receive notice of Stichting DE 4DAAGSE when registration opens and in what manner?

Everyone that has signed in fort he 101st Four Days Marches will receive an invitation by e-mail or regular mail at the end of January.

When do I receive my confirmation?

A few weeks after we have received your registration end payment you can print the final confirmation of your registration in My Four Days. You can find your confirmation by clicking the button ‘My confirmation’.
On the confirmation of your registration it is mentioned at which registration desk you are to sign in on Sunday 15 or Monday 16 July.

When can I add a companion to the registration of a child?

Parents/carers of children turning 12, 13, 14 or 15 in the year of the participation can accompany their child, even if that implies that the parents cannot walk the minimum distance required of them by the rules and regulations. You can add a companion to the registration of your child via My Four Days on our website. It is possible to do so from 3 April until 12 July 2018. Adding a companion costs €30.

Is it possible to add more than one companion tot he registration of a child?

No, it is not possible to add multiple companions tot he registration of a child. The companion escorts the young person during all four days of marching, from start to finish. More information about companions: Regulations for companions for young individual participants (2018).

Payment and cancellation

What does it cost to take part in the Four Days Marches?

The registration fee for the 102nd Four Days Marches is €80. If you are a member of the walking association KWBN, you will be entitled to a €5 discount on the registration fee. This discount will only be given when the correct membership number for the association in question is stated in the registration.
More information about a.o. the registration fee and the certificate can be found on the page Registration - Payment & Confirmation.

When do I have to pay?

Individual participants with a guaranteed starting place who are registering online (see Restriction protocol) are required to pay the registration fee directly when registering.
Participants whose participation is not guaranteed because they have to await the results of the draw will - once they have been drawn to participate - be emailed a link to the online payment environment they can use to pay the registration fee. The registration fee must be paid 13 April at the latest.
Visit the page Registration - Payment & Confirmation for more information.

How do I have to pay?

Participants living in the Netherlands are required to pay through iDEAL when registering, participants living abroad are required to pay by credit card. If the payment procedure has not been completed, registration will expire.
Participants who are unable or unwilling to pay by credit card or iDEAL can request a registration form - during the registration period - from the Central Administration, and will be required to pay by way of a bank transfer. Participants who register using this method will be charged €10,- administration fee. When you are registering with a registration form and you are guaranteed a starting place, the registration form and the registration fee need to be received by us at 23 March at the latest.

Can I cancel my registration?

Individual, civil participants can cancel their registration in writing up to 13 April. Any registration fee paid will then be returned after deduction of an administration fee (€10). After this date it is not possible to get the registration fee back. Don’t forget to include your name, registration number, date of birth and address in your request.

Personal details

What is my registration number and where can I find it?

When you register for the Four Days Marches for the first time you will be allocated an unique and personal registration number that will be linked to your name and other data. This registration number consists of a maximum of six digits. When you do not know your registration number you can request it at My Four Days. Use this number when you register or when you contact Stichting DE 4DAAGSE.

How do I make changes in my personal details?

Do you wish to change your address, email address or telephone number? You can do this yourself in My Four Days.
Do you wish to change your name or date of birth? Please send an e-mail to the Central Administration.

How can I change my distance?

It is possible for you to change your distance free of charge at My Four Days on our website, until 12 July 2018 inclusive. The minimum distance you can choose is your regulation distance.
After you have changed your distance, you will receive a new confirmation. You can print the new confirmation at My Four Days by pressing the button ‘My confirmation’. Please note that you will need to bring this new confirmation when signing in on Sunday 15 July or Monday 16 July.

When can I reach the Central Administration?

We can always be reached in writing, by e-mail. From 29 January 2018 (the week before the registration period starts) up to and including 27 July 2018 (the week after the Four Days Marches) the Central Administration can also be reached by telephone on weekdays between 13.00 hrs and 16.30 hrs.

I am planning to participate in the Four Days Marches again, after a break of several years. Am I still in your database?

If you have ever successfully completed the Four Days Marches, and it cannot be found in our digital database, then we should be able to find you in our archives. Our filing clerk is eager to find out what reward you received when you last successfully completed the marches, ensuring you will receive the correct reward for your next participation. You can contact the Central Administration in writing stating 'previous participation'. We will then send you a questionnaire that will enable us to find you in our archives.
When you are - in your opinion, unjustly - registered for reward 1 and there is a chance that you will therefore be in a possible draw, you can contact the Central Administration for archive research. If your request has been received by us before 9 March, we can make sure that it will be under consideration in time, i.e. before the draw.

My reward in My Four Days does not correspond with my number of successful participations. What should I do?

In My Four Days you can find the last reward awarded to you as registered by us. If this does not correspond with the last reward you received, you can contact the Central Administration in writing stating 'previous participation'. We will take your request under review, although these requests will not be answered during the Four Days week. Requests submitted before 30 June can be processed in time for the coming Four Days Marches.


I want to walk less than my regulation distance. Is this possible?

The Four Days Marches are a walking achievement event and every participant is required to minimally walk their regulation distance. It is not possible to walk a non-regulation distance and waive a reward.
Participants with a disability, either physical or intellectual, and companions of children turning 12, 13, 14 or 15 in the year of participation, can appeal to the dispensation regulation of the Four Days Marches. This regulation is, however, not applicable to participants who cannot walk their regulation distance due to medical circumstances.

Where can I spend the night during the Four Days Marches?

Information on accommodation during the Four Days Marches can be found on the page Accommodation in the menu Transport & Housing.


I have lost my medal, how can I order a replacement medal?

Click here for more information about ordering a replacement medal.


Where can I find more information on working as a volunteer with the Four Days Marches?

The International Four Days Marches are organised mostly by volunteers. Prior to and during the Four Days Marches hundreds volunteers are doing their work. Click here for more information on becoming a volunteer.

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