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Download documents

On this page you can find an overview of forms and other useful documents. Feel free to download these documents for personal use.

Downloads edition 2018

Poster 2018 (pdf)
Access Sticker Application Form 2018 (pdf)

Downloads edition 2017

Four Days Marches Information 2017 (pdf)
VM 2017 (pdf)
Poster 2017 (pdf)
Route map 2017 - day 1 (png)
Route map 2017 - day 2 (png)
Route map 2017 - day 3 (png)
Route map 2017 - day 4 (png)
Street plan 2017 (Dutch version, pdf)
Estimated times of arrival 2017 (Dutch version, pdf)
Roadblocks Tuesday 18 July (Dutch version, pdf)
Roadblocks Wednesday 19 July (Dutch version, pdf)
Roadblocks Thursday 20 July (Dutch version, pdf)
Roadblocks Friday 21 July (Dutch version, pdf)
Map start- and finish location Wedren (pdf)


Medical passport (pdf)
Training schedule (pdf, Dutch version)
Overview of rewards (jpg)

Archive Downloads


History of the Four Days Marches (pdf)
History in numbers (pdf)
Important events (pdf)


Statistics 2017 (pdf, Dutch version)
Statistics 2016 (pdf, Dutch version)
Statistics 2015 (pdf, Dutch version)
Statistics 2014 (pdf, Dutch version)
Statistics 2013 (pdf)

Press releases

Press releases 2017 (pdf)
Press releases 2016 (pdf)
Press releases 2015 (pdf)
Press releases 2014 (pdf)
Press releases 2013 (pdf)

Registration 2018

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