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p medischeverzorging kl

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We advise all participants to check in advance if they are adequately insured, through their health insurance or additional travel insurance, to cover the costs of medical assistance when this should be required during the marches. You are seriously advised against undergoing foot care, massage and suchlike from third parties. If you have any health complaints, please always consult the Medical Service of Stichting DE 4DAAGSE.

When you need to appeal to the Medical Service of the Four Days Marches it is good to know if you use any medication and which medication this is. You can use a medical passport for this. Click here for an example.

Dutch Red Cross

The BlarenPoli (Blister Treatment Unit) and First Aid Post is located on start and finish area the Wedren, and is open from 11am to 7pm. on walking days. Treatment of blisters is also provided for at all main rest areas along the routes. During the start the First Aid Post of the Dutch Red Cross (NRK) is also opened for emergencies. During these hours no blisters will be treated.

Medical aid

Medical aid will be available for all walkers at the rest areas along the routes. The organisation may oblige a participant to undergo medical examination in order to determine whether it is safe for the participant to continue the march. The decision of a doctor who, on behalf of the director of the Medical Services, forbids the walker to continue the marches will be binding. Any time spent on medical care will be part of the time available for the distance to be walked. Consequently, just like waiting time, this time will not be compensated.

Medical Service Areas

The medical care is organised by Stichting DE 4DAAGSE in cooperation with different partners (Dutch Red Cross and the Dutch society for Sportmassage, the ministry of Defence and Service Medical). At these Medical Service Areas there are no catering and resting areas. There will be toilets.

Every day there are two Medical Service Areas for each walking distance, next to these Medical Service Areas there is a small Medical Service Area available at the 50km track. The Medical Service Areas are, if possible, housed in existing accommodations (for example a sports hall). Where this isn't possible, Medical Service Points will be set up in tents. The medical care at the Medical Service Areas is available for all participants.

On the route maps you can see where the Medical Service Areas are located. The Medical Service Areas are also mentioned in the street plans. You can find the maps and street plans at Service-Downloads.

Water Points

During the second half of every walking day there will be a water point. All participants are able to get free water at the water points. All water points will be marked on the route maps. It is your own responsibility to carry sufficient water with you. No cups or bottles will be handed out at the water points; you will need to bring your own container.

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