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mee betalenbevestigen kl

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What does it cost to take part in the Four Days Marches?

Registration fee

The registration fee for the 102nd Four Days Marches is €80.

If you are a member of the walking association KWBN, you will be entitled to a €5 discount on the registration fee. This discount will only be given when the correct membership number for the association in question is stated in the registration.


When registering, participants can order a certificate. This certificate costs €10. Up to 12 July, the certificate can also be ordered by individual participants through My Four Days. After this date this certificate costs €16, contact the Central Administration about how to order the certificate.

If you succeed in completing the Four Days Marches, you will receive your certificate by post a few weeks later. If you do not complete the Four Days Marches successfully, you will not receive a certificate. In that case it is not possible to get a refund.

Click here for an example of a certificate.

Payment method

All individual participants who are guaranteed a starting place will be asked to pay their registration fee at the moment of registration. That will provide instant clarity on your status: registered & paid means that your participation is guaranteed.

Please check the following pages for further information about payment and confirmation for individual civilian participants, for participants in civilian groups and for military participants. Select the link that applies to you.

Would you like to particpate in 2019?
From mid-January onwards you can find the rules and regulations on this website!

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