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What does it cost to take part in the Four Days Marches?

Registration fee

The registration fee for the 104th Four Days Marches is €100.
Members of the Dutch walking association KWBN who have a ‘Wandelvoordeelpas’ for 2020 will be entitled to a €5 discount on the registration fee.

More info

Payment individual civilian participants
Payment civilian groups 
Payment military participants


When registering, participants can order a certificate. This certificate costs €11. Up to 16 July, the certificate can also be ordered by individual participants through My Four Days. After this date this certificate costs €16, contact the Central Administration about how to order the certificate.

If you succeed in completing the Four Days Marches, you will receive your certificate by post a few weeks later. If you do not complete the Four Days Marches successfully, you will not receive a certificate. In that case it is not possible to get a refund.

Click here for an example of a certificate.

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