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Problems with your feet

Problems with your feet can severely limit the fun while walking. If your feet hurt while walking, we advise you to see a specialist (pedicure). He or she can help you to prevent pain. Here are some tips:

  • Take a cold bath for your feet every day. This will harden the skin of your feet.
  • Take good care of your feet before you start training. Remove calluses, corns and dry skin. Cut the nails straight.
  • If you suffer from soft feet treat them regularly with glycerine or spirits of camphor and put them in cold water every day!
  • If you suffer from sweaty feet, rub them with talcum or special feet powder before walking, bur do not use too much powder.
    On recurring foot problems see a pedicure.

Tips to prevent blisters 

  • When you want to walk long distance marches, start with shorter distance and lengthen the distance step by step so that your feet (and body) may get used to the straind.
  • Wear appropriate shoes and socks.
  • Walk in your new shoes before going on a longer march, so that your feet will get used to the new shoes.
  • When you are wearing new shoes, you may tape the sensitive spots on your feet. Make sure that the tape (Leukoplast) is spread evenly, as creases in the material will cause blisters as well.
  • Special soles may comfort spots on your feet that are sensitive to blisters.
  • If you do get a blister, we advise you to ask a professional how to treat the blister.

Prevent injuries 

  • Do not start at a high pace, your muscles should warm up slowly.
  • Cramps in the calfs can be cured easily by pulling the front of the foot with one hand towards the shin-bone and gently rubbing the calf with the other hand. At organised marches it is best to use the medical assistance available.
  • Have regular rests but do not sit down on the cold ground. Your muscles will cool down too quickly, causing stiffness. If your legs are feeling heavy, take time to stretch all your leg muscles. This will rest your muscles and once they have been stretched, your legs will feel better.

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