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Signing in and signing off for individual participants with start and finish area the Wedren

Sign in days (Sunday and Monday)

A participant signs in for the distance that he or she has registered for. There are registration desks for the 30, 40, and 50 kilometres. The participant can sign in at one of the desks corresponding with their distance - 30km, 40km or 50km. The wrist band and checkpoint card are distributed here upon presentation of the ticket.

To distinguish between the two starting groups/times for the 30km and 40km, the registration desks for both the 30km and the 40km are divided into two groups. The difference between these groups is made clear by the use of two symbols. The 30km and 40km are both divided in ‘gladiolus’ and ‘walking shoe’. On your ticket, you can see the group you are assigned to and where you will have to sign in on Sunday or Monday.

Please visit our page Participation - Sign in for more information about the sign in days. Click here for a map of the Wedren.

gladiool wandelschoen

Walking days (Tuesday through Thursday)

Participants can sign off at one of the registration desks belonging to their distance at the Julianapark. The signs with the distance are attached to the registration desks. Participants can divide over the desks and join the shortest queue. When signing off on the walking days, no distinction is made between 'gladiolus' and 'walking shoe'.

For more information about starting and signing off during the Four days Marches, go to Participation - Start & Finish.

 Distributing of the rewards (Friday)

After completing the 104th Four Days Marches on Friday 24 July, you can sign off and collect your well-deserved reward at one of the desks corresponding with your distance. Signs display the available rewards at every desk. Please note that the symbols 'walking shoe' and 'gladiola' are not relevant at the distribution of the rewards anymore.

Some examples:
Are you a first time walker of the 30 km? You will pick up your reward at the 30km desks carrying rewards 1 up to and including 6.
Are you walking the 40 km for the 8th time? You will pick up your reward at the 40km desks carrying rewards 4 up to and including 8.
Are you walking the 50 km for the 30th time? You will pick up your reward at the 50km desks carrying rewards 11 up to and including 59.

After the third walking day, you will receive this map of the Wedren that shows exactly where you can sign off and collect your reward on Friday.

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