No draw in 2022

The 104th 4Days Marches will take place from 19-22 July 2022. 

Delegation countries

Please note that military participants who have the nationality of one of the official delegation countries are subject to different registration procedures. Please contact your delegation’s contact person for more information.

Every year, together with the Dutch Ministry of Defense, we determine the maximum number of Dutch military participants that can take part in the 4Days Marches. If more walkers register than this maximum, we use a draw to select entries. For details about the conditions of the draw for military participants with the Dutch nationality, please visit the Dutch version of this page. 

More info

No, unfortunately not. If you cancelled your registration in 2020 and we refunded your full registration fee (less an administration fee), you are not assured of a place in this year’s 4Days Marches You will need to wait to hear the results of the draw, which will be announced on Monday 4 April.

No, you cannot. Registrations are personal and therefore non-transferable. If you decide not to use your starting ticket, you have up to two weeks from the date of payment to cancel.

The current approach gives everyone the opportunity to register. This includes those who realise late that the registration period has begun, and those who do not have ready access to the internet. It also allows everyone the opportunity to check out all the information before registering with the result that the registrations received will generally be correct.

Countdown to the 104ᵗʰ edition of the 4Days Marches