Registration military detachments

We are so pleased that you want to take part in this year’s 4Days Marches! The 105th 4Days Marches will take place from 18-21 July 2023 and the registration fee is €109. You can register for the 4Days Marches online. 

Registration will close when the maximum number of participants has been reached. The maximum number of Dutch military participants is set at 1950 and for Small Contingents at 500. There will no longer be a draw.

Delegation countries

International military participants who have the nationality of one of the official delegation countries named below are not permitted to use the registration module on this website. They may only register via their delegation's contact person:

Small Contingents

All international military participants who don't belong to the military forces of one of the official delegation countries mentioned above, are considered to be participants of the Small Contingents.

Dutch military participants

Military participants with the Dutch nationality can also register online. Please visit the Dutch version of this page for more information about registration as a Dutch military participant.


Would you like to participate in the 4Days Marches with a detachment? Then the detco will register you. A detachment consists of a minimum of 11 and a maximum of 41 participants. It is important that the detco has the name, date of birth and registration number of all participants in the group. From 23 January, you can register on this page.

4Days Marches sold out!

The limit of 47,000 participants for the 105th edition has been reached.

Step 1: the detco creates a detachment using the form

Enter the registration number of the detco, and enter a detachment name.

Step 2: forming the detachment

Log in to My 4Days and select the previously created detachment. Add the detachment members one by one. You will need the registration number, date of birth and any KWbN membership number. Select per participant if they wish to order a certificate.

Step 3: creating tickets

A detachment must consist of at least 11 people. Complete the detachment registration by clicking the 'Create tickets' button. The detco will receive an email confirming the registration and an invoice.

Step 4 (optional): adding detachment members afterwards

It is possible to add participants to the detachment later. Go to the detachment in My 4Days and add participants. These only can be participants who are already individually registered to the 4Days Marches. Confirm the new detachment by clicking 'Create tickets'. The detco will receive a new invoice. The invoice only shows the newly registered participants and not those who have already paid for their ticket individually.

Step 5 (optional): adding orderlies to the detachment

It is possible to add orderlies to the detachment until 16 June. Go to the detachment in My 4Days and add the orderly. Detachments of up to 21 people can add a maximum of one orderly and detachments of 22 to 41 people can add a maximum of two orderlies. Changing the orderlies can be done until 30 June 2023.


Participation as a detachment is subject to a number of additional conditions. Firstly, all detachment members are expected to stay at Camp Heumensoord. All detachments also start from Heumensoord and therefore walk the military 40 km route. Depending on your age and gender, you can walk this route with or without 10 kilos of marching kit. You can read more about this on the Distances page.

You can find more information about the conditions that a detachment must meet to participate in the 4Days Marches in the Regulations for military participants.

More info

The registration fee for the 105th 4Days Marches is €109. For military participants from the Small Contingents, staying at Camp Heumensoord costs €300. You will find more information on the registration fee, the method of payment, and when you can expect your starting ticket on the Payment and confirmation page.

For military participants walking with a detachment, staying at Camp Heumensoord is mandatory during the 4Days Marches. For more information about Camp Heumensoord and the other facilities provided by the Central Military Support Command (CMSC, CVM in Dutch), please click here or send an email to if you have any further questions.

All detachments are obliged to walk the military 40 km route that starts from Heumensoord. Depending on your age and gender, you can walk this route with or without 10 kilos of marching kit. You can read more about this on the Distances page.

The detachment commander is the contact person of the detachment and handles all correspondence with the organisation. The detachment commander has the important task of forming the detachment on My 4Days from May onward. In addition, during the 4Days Marches, he or she ensures that the detachment complies with all regulations and is responsible for the detachment at all times.

Countdown to the 105ᵗʰ edition of the 4Days Marches