No draw in 2022!

Every year we decide the maximum number of walkers who can take part in that year’s 4Days Marches. In 2022, 49,000 places will be available. Because the maximum number of registrations has not been reached, no draw will take place. 

Extra registration period

When you register during the extra registration period, you will receive a payment link directly. Have you payed? Then you are assured of participation. This means there will be no draw!

More info

No, unfortunately not. If you cancelled your registration in 2020 and we refunded your full registration fee (less an administration fee), you are not assured of a place in the event. You will need to wait to hear the results of the draw, which will be announced on Monday 4 April.

In 2020, the 4Daagse was canceled due to the corona pandemic. All participants who were registered at that time have received most of their registration fee back. In the end, everyone paid an amount of €27.50. If you paid this amount in 2020, you are assured of participation in 2022. Please note: you must not forget to register again this year with your existing registration number and pay the registration fee applicable for this year. Registration and payment is possible from 14 February to 25 March.

We define a successful participation as a participation in a regulation distance (or higher) for which the participant has received a 4Days Marches Cross or a number pin as a reward. A previous participation as a companion does not count as an official participation.

No, you cannot. Registrations are personal and therefore non-transferable. If you decide not to use your starting ticket, you have up to two weeks from the date of payment to cancel.

Yes. Starting on 15 February, we update the homepage daily to show the number of registrations received. Immediately after registration closes, we check for double registrations and other irregularities. This can mean that the actual number of registrations will differ from the number most recently published on the website. The final number of registrations is published after the draw has been held.

Countdown to the 104ᵗʰ edition of the 4Days Marches