I am planning to participate in the 4Days Marches again, after a break of several years. Am I still in your database?

If you have ever successfully completed the 4Days Marches, and it cannot be found in our digital database, then we should be able to find you in our archives. Our filing clerk is eager to find out what reward you received when you last successfully completed the marches, ensuring you will receive the correct reward for your next participation. You can contact the Service Desk in writing stating 'previous participation'. We will then send you a questionnaire that will enable us to find you in our archives. When you are - in your opinion, unjustly - registered for reward 1 and there is a chance that you will therefore be in a possible draw, you can contact the Service Desk for archive research. If your request has been received by us before 13 March, we can make sure that it will be under consideration in time, i.e. before the draw.

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