Story of Selina

Eleven-year old Selina de Vries was the youngest participant in the 103rd edition of the 4Days Marches in 2019. And she made it, without pain or bother. 

That's awesome

Selina was one of the members of the youth walking group #Vteam. What did she think of the 4Days Marches? ‘It was fun.’ She doesn’t know if she’ll take part again though. ‘Because the partying also seems like a lot of fun too,’ Selina explains. Living in Elst, one of the towns along the route, Selina was already familiar with the 4Days Marches, but what she did not expect was that ‘ many people join in. That’s awesome, everyone together’. She especially likes the music in the villages along the way. ‘That really helped when it was getting a bit tough.’ What’s more, ‘I felt a bit like a celebrity thanks to all the attention I was getting.’

Together for the second time

Now that she has earned her medal, she is extremely proud. And, thinking about it a bit more, she may just forgo the partying next year. ‘My mother walked with the armed forces in the Four Days Marches in 2002; it would be fun if we would both walk together for our second time next year.’

Countdown to the 105ᵗʰ edition of the 4Days Marches