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Registration for individual civilian participants

The registration period for the 103rd Four Days Marches closed on Friday 22 March 17.00 hrs CET. The registration limit of 47,000 registrations has been reached. Consequently the available starting permits have been allocated by means of drawing lots. The draw took place on Friday 29 March. If you are not registered, then you cannot participate in the Four Days Marches this year.

Would you like to participate in the Marches next year? In January 2020 you can find the new regulations and the registration procedure of the 104th Four Days Marches on our website.

Drawn by lot? On the page Payment & Confirmation you will find information about the registration fee, the method of payment and when you can expect a final confirmation of your registration.

Not drawn a place? The payment and cancellation deadline of 12 April has passed. Due to non-payments and cancellations, it is possible to let a re-registration take place for those who were eliminated by the draw. 2,183 starting tickets will be made available once again to civilian participants eliminated by the draw for the 103rd Four Days Marches. 
Participation in the re-registration is determined by means of a number randomly assigned during the draw. Civilian participants with re-registration number 1 to 2,197 are allowed to take part in the re-registration and therefore get a second chance to participate in the 103rd Four Days Marches. Click here for more information about the re-registration procedure.

Changing your registration

It is possible for you to make changes in your contact details or change your distance at My Four Days on our website. Changing your distance is free of charge until 11 July inclusive. After this date it is only possible to change your distance on Sunday 14 or Monday 15 July at the Central Administration at the Wedren. The minimum distance you can choose is your regulation distance. On the page Distance & Rewards you can see which distance you are expected to walk.

Registration for 12-15 year olds

Debutants born in 2004, 2005, 2006 or 2007 will be exempt from the draw, provided that the year of birth can be verified by the Central Administration by means of an ID check.
After going through the registration module, participants who fall into this category will have the possibility to upload a digital copy of their identity card in My Four Days (at 'Personal details').
After approval of the ID, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to finish the payment in My Four Days.
Once the payment has been completed, registration is finished and the participant is ensured of participation.
If the registration is not completed by 22 March at 17.00 hrs CET with an online payment, the 12-15 year old debutant will have to participate in a possible draw.

Adding a companion to the registration of a child

Parents/carers of children turning 12, 13, 14 or 15 in the year of the participation can accompany their child, even if that implies that the parents cannot walk the minimum distance required of them by the rules and regulations. You can add one companion to the registration of your child via My Four Days on our website. It is possible to do so from 1 April until 11 July. The companion will not receive a reward. Information about companions: Regulations for companions of young individual participants.

Adding a companion is optional, not mandatory: a child may also participate in the Four Days Marches without a companion.

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