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Registration for military participants 2019

International military participants who have the nationality of one of the official delegation countries named below are not permitted to use the registration module on this website. They may only register via their delegation's contact person:

• Canada: Dianne Groulx - [email protected]
Denmark: Carsten H. Nielsen - [email protected]
Finland: Caspar von Walzel - [email protected]
• France: Thierry Darney - [email protected]
• Germany: Dr. Frank Neff -[email protected]  
• Norway: Ståle Sandholt - [email protected]
• Sweden: Susanne Samuelsson - [email protected]
• Switzerland: Clément Benoît - [email protected]
• United Kingdom: Tony Van Geene - [email protected]
USA: Michael Walley - [email protected],

Registration Small Contingents

All international military participants who don't belong to the military forces of one of the official delegation countries mentioned above, are considered to be participants of the Small Contingents. Registration for Small Contingents was open from 4 February (10.00 hrs CET) until 22 March (17.00 hrs CET).

If the number of international military servicemen and women registering exceeds the limit of 425 starting tickets, a draw will be held for the remaining military servicemen and women registered as individual participants. This draw will take place on Friday 29 March. Please see the Regulations for military participants to find out more about registration, the draw and participation as a military serviceman or woman. 

For information on the payment and the confirmation of the registration, please go to the page Payment & Confirmation. All foreign military participants can stay at Camp Heumensoord. Please read the information about the facilities on Camp Heumensoord. Individual military participants can choose if they wish to use the facilities of Camp Heumensoord. For detachments, an overnight stay at Camp Heumensoord is mandatory.

Eliminated by the draw for the 103rd Four Days Marches?

The payment and cancellation deadline of 12 April has passed. Due to non-payments and cancellations, the number of registrations from participants of the Small Contingents has dropped significantly below the permitted limit of 425. For participants of the Small Contingents who were eliminated by the draw for the 103rd Four Days Marches 41 starting tickets will be made available in re-registration. Click here for more information about the re-registration procedure.

Amending your registration

Individual military participants can adjust their contact details or order a certificate in My Four Days up to Thursday 11 July.

Detachments that are already (partially) registered can use the link of the registration module to make amendments in their detachment until the end of the registration period if the changes are in accordance with the Regulations for military participants. After closure of the registration module (22 March) the changes can only be processed by the Central Administration. The contact person can inform the Central Administration until midnight at the end of 30 June about the change via e-mail, stating the name of the detachment and the contact person (preferably also including the registration number) and the amendment he or she would like to make within the group.

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