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Payment military participants

Registration for the Four Days Marches for military participants, as well as their accommodation at Camp Heumensoord, is arranged by Stichting DE 4DAAGSE on behalf of the Ministry of Defence. The Ministry of Defence, in turn, is responsible for tending to the camp. If you have any questions about this, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Please contact Stichting DE 4DAAGSE's Central Administration if you have any questions about your registration.

Registration fee and facilities at Camp Heumensoord

The registration fee for the 104th Four Days Marches is €100. This amount does not include the certificate. If you want, you can order a certificate when registering (€11).

All foreign military detachments stay at Camp Heumensoord during the Four Days Marches. Accommodation fee is €300 for Small Contingents. You will then be able to use the camp's facilities from Saturday 18 July to Saturday 25 July. Further information about Camp Heumensoord can be found in the document Accommodation Heumensoord.

Individual military participants

Individual military participants living abroad are required to pay by credit card (or other payment options, depending on the country) at the moment participation is guaranteed. Military participants will (once they have been drawn to participate) be e-mailed a link to the online payment environment they can use to pay the registration fee. The registration fee must be paid 17 April 17.00 hrs CET at the latest. If the payment procedure has not been completed, your registration will expire.

Several weeks after receiving registration and payment, you will find your ticket in My Four Days. This ticket is a confirmation of your registration and is needed when signing in on Sunday or Monday.

Individual military participants can cancel their registration in writing up to 17 April. Any registration fee paid will then be returned after deduction of an administration fee (€12,50).

Please read the Regulations for military participants for more information about the registration procedure and the requirements you must meet in order to participate as a military participant in the Four Days Marches.


Registration for the 104th Four Days Marches will close on Friday 27 March 17.00 hrs CET. The registration fee for a detachment depends on the number of participants registered at that moment.

One week after the registration period has ended, the contact person will receive an e-mail with the invoice and a link to our online banking environment. The invoice must be paid before 17 April 17.00 hrs CET. You should therefore make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account at the end of the registration period to be able to pay your detachment's registration fee. Failure to pay the registration fee (on time and the full amount) shall render the registration for all participants in your detachment null and void.

After receiving the registration fee, the contact person of the group can download the ticket in My Four Days. This ticket is a confirmation of the group registration and is needed when signing in on Sunday or Monday.

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