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Various rewards

Four Days Marches Cross and numbers

The Four Days Marches Cross - a medal - is the 'cross for demonstrated marching skill', as defined in the Royal Decree of 6 October 1909. After completing the Four Days Marches, a participant will often accept the medal without realising it is a royal honour that can be worn on the uniform of Dutch soldiers. The Four Days Marches Cross is therefore an officially recognised Dutch honour.

There is also a ‘code’ for wearing the medal. It must be worn on the left of the chest, approximately a hand’s width below the shoulder. Only one medal can be worn at a time, and only one number can be displayed on the ribbon.

The Four Days Marches Cross comes in bronze, silver or gold, with a number and crowns and/or laurel wreaths on it, depending on the number of times the participant has completed the Four Days Marches. After participating for the first time, the participant receives a bronze Four Days Marches Cross. The second time, they receive a bronze Four Days Marches Cross with a small crown on top. The third and fourth time, they receive a pin with the numbers 3 and 4 respectively. The fifth successful participation is rewarded with a silver Four Days Marches Cross. The sixth is rewarded with a silver Four Days Marches Cross bearing a crown, followed by numbers 7, 8 and 9 respectively. Upon successful completion of their tenth Four Days Marches, participants receive a gold Four Days Marches Cross, and a gold Four Days Marches Cross bearing a crown for the eleventh participation. The 12th to 24th participations are rewarded with numbers. For the 25th successful participation, the participant receives another gold Four Days Marches Cross bearing a crown and the number 25. This is followed by the numbers 26 to 39. The 40th participation is rewarded with another type of the Four Days Marches Cross bearing the number 40, followed by the numbers 41 to 49 for each subsequent year a participant has participated. Further varieties of the Four Days Marches Cross are awarded for the 50th and 60th participations. The rewards to be given in between are all numbers. Please consult the summary for all numbers with their corresponding Four Days Marches Cross.

Group medal

The Group medal is awarded to a group (registered in accordance with the regulations) which has successfully completed the Four Days Marches. The Group medal is awarded in addition to the group participants' individual rewards.

Certificate of participation

All group participants can order a certificate of participation after registering for the Four Days Marches. This certificate is proof of your participation and also a nice souvenir of your participation in the Four Days Marches. Further information about ordering a certificate is available under Payments & confirmation.

Click here for an example of a certificate.

Orderly medals and ribbons

The orderly medal was previously awarded to those who were assigned the role of 'companion' according to the Regulations Governing Dispensation. The saying "Uw toewijding deed anderen volharden" [Your dedication made others persevere] is written on the back of the medal. This reward, along with the ribbons which can be worn on uniforms and the miniature medals, can now be ordered on the Praefero website, www.praefero-store.nl.

IML / IVV / KWBN stamps

During the Four Days Marches, different walking organisations have stands at the start and finish location De Wedren. Walkers can visit these stands for information and any products they may need. Walkers who have a walker passport from one of these organisations can get a stamp in the appropriate passport or buy another reward. On the map at Service-Downloads you can see where these organisations' stands are.

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