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Press release 2019.002, 29 March 2019

An exciting day for 12,142 candidates

52,330 registrations for 103rd Four Days Marches

52,330 people from all over the world have registered for the 103rd Four Days Marches. Of these people, 40,188 walkers were immediately guaranteed a starting place. A maximum of 47,000 starting tickets are available, so the remaining 6,812 starting places will be divided in the draw on Friday 29 March. This means that 5,330 people will get the unfortunate message that they will not be able to participate this year.

Duplicate registrations

Before the draw under supervision of the notary takes place, all duplicate and other incorrect registrations were removed from Stichting DE 4DAAGSE's registration file. The results of the draw will be available in My Four Days after the draw has taken place and all participants will be informed personally of the outcome per e-mail or letter.

Possible reregistration for those who were excluded by the draw

This year the option of reregistration may be open to anyone who has been excluded by the draw from participating in the 103rd Four Days Marches. The Four Days Marches Board can decide to provide this option if it turns out that, after the payment and cancellation deadline of 12 April, the number of registrations has dropped significantly below the permitted 47,000, due to non-payment or cancellation. People who have been excluded by the draw will receive an email on Monday 16 April telling them whether reregistration is possible, and if so, how this will work.


Since 2013 onwards, the number of registrations has exceeded 50,000 registrations every year. In 2005, 53,336 people registered for the Four Days Marches and this record was broken for the second time in 2016 when 54,325 walkers registered to participate in ‘The Walk of the World’. The record for the highest number of people starting now belongs to the 2016 jubilee edition, when 47,166 walkers turned up for the first day of the Four Days Marches.

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